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Legalized Political Corruption Is So Much Bigger Than Trump: A Journey in 7 Charts

It’s time for a democracy movement that directly attacks systemic corruption by depending not on specific leaders but on a grassroots movement that both produces leaders and holds them accountable. 3,166 more words

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Global Unrest Shown in Massive Protests from Spain, to Ecuador, to Haiti

Around the world, we are seeing an increasing level of unrest as citizens take to the streets to protest the policies of their governments in hopes that they will bring about change. 290 more words

Government Corruption

An Important Speech by Attorney General Barr

I encourage you to read this very important speech by Attorney General William Barr. In it Barr reaches deep into the Judeo-Christian traditions and teachings that informed the founders of this nation and placed it on a 230+ year trajectory of unprecedented individual liberty and prosperity not only in this country, but in many places around the world where nations have modeled our form of government.  4,440 more words

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California Democrats Pay $800K in Sexual Misconduct Cases

The lawsuits alleged a culture of sexual misconduct that was ‘well-known and apparently tolerated…’

(Associated Press) The California Democratic Party has spent more than $800,000 in legal costs tied to three lawsuits alleging discrimination and sexual misconduct by its former chair, Eric Bauman. 102 more words

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Will We Ever Prosecute?

Source: Gordon Wysong

Imagine that the local cops know that a gang member, named William, broke into the pawn shop and stole guns, jewelry, and money.   1,095 more words


Sex, Leaks, Lies and Spies: Trump Takes Down Intelligence Community Leakers

Source: Kristina Wong

Amidst a battle between the President of the United States and the Intelligence Community that has sparked formal impeachment proceedings against the president by Democrats in Congress, federal law enforcement officials have formally charged one intelligence community official with leaking highly classified information to the media. 627 more words

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Defense Intelligence Agency worker arrested on charges of leaking top secret information to reporters

Source: NBC

A counter-terrorism analyst for the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency was arrested Wednesday on federal charges that he leaked top secret and other classified information — including details of a foreign country’s weapons systems — to two reporters in 2018 and this year. 100 more words

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