'Your Tax $$ at Work: Bored Federal Employees Watch Porn All Day'(2014)

And when they’re done watching porn, it’s nap time!

Y’know what? I don’t think a lot of people are as grateful as they should be that Hillary Clinton did not become our president in 2016. 107 more words


UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet – The Israel Wire

STL comment: There is a depopulation coming. First all the babies, young children, and adult Christians, then huge swaths of the remaining population. Funny how those who favour depop always assume they will be one of the remainers. 62 more words

Bible Prophecy


Since Helsinki theres been some unintelligent people with intelligence technology trolling me in Internet and in real life. In Helsinki they used security firms to hunt me, similar stuff in Rovaniemi plus they used smartphone kids and older kids with helicopters and hornets to hunt me, and you know what i told about Oulu, only been living here about 4 months and seen the military corruption too many times (high altitude drone and little planes with chemtrails following me like predators). 194 more words

State of Michigan: New Study Guide Enables Educators to Teach the Lessons of Flint

State of Michigan: New Study Guide Enables Educators to Teach the Lessons of Flint. “‘Here’s to Flint.’ With that line, the city of Flint officially shut off the water flowing from Detroit and shifted to pulling its drinking water from the Flint River. 34 more words

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Pompeo Tells It Like It Is

Being nothing more than thugs and gangsters wearing, sometimes, finely tailored accouterment, you get to spew vile and evil, get away with it and even receive applause for sucking Satan’s ass. 450 more words


Alleged Humane Coalition Crawls Into Bed With BLM and Welfare Ranchers to Eradicate Wild Horses & Burros From Public Lands

A biased Press Release from Return to Freedom (in my opinion)

“Read it and weep, unproven fertility control, increased “gathers”, etc..  Circumventing ALL other Wild Horse & Burro advocacy groups these masters of donations have decided to team up with the welfare ranchers and BLM to wipe out the last of the wild ones on their rightful land.  882 more words

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