EXPOSED: New Documents Show Obama Admin Pushed Russia Collusion Hoax Before Election July 21, 2019 J.R.

Source: PJ Media

It’s too bad the uninformed continue to get their news from Hollywood celebrities and far-left news outlets.

All the facts about everything Trump are out there in the open, but some people choose to remain blind. 484 more words

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US House of Representatives Investigating if the Government Created Lyme Disease As A Bioweapon

Source: Arjun Walia

  • The Facts:A New Jersey lawmaker suggests the government turned ticks and insects into bioweapons to spread disease, and possibly released them. He is not the only one who believes so.
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US Plans To Pay For Salaries, Propaganda For Venezuelan Opposition—Using Humanitarian Aid Funds

The European Union has announced that it is preparing to increase sanctions on Venezuela, as a new report claims the US plans to divert humanitarian aid funding to opposition forces led by Juan Guaido—raising concerns for the civilians in Venezuela. 453 more words

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False Flags – Not the Fringe Conspiracy but Reality

Armstrong Economics Blog/Corruption

Re-Posted Jul 16, 2019 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Are false flags by governments part of the end of this cycle or a modern practice? 741 more words

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