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Turnbull. Penalty rates and his stake in 7eleven


Another of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s investments is under scrutiny, with revelations he has a financial stake in the global parent company of the scandal-plagued 7-Eleven empire. 723 more words


Genetically Modified Mosquitos to spread Malaria vaccine


Experts believe “flying vaccinators” could eventually be a radical new way of tackling malaria.

The new approach targets the salivary gland of the Anopheles mosquito. 274 more words


Declassified memo proofs there was zero evidence of WMD's in Iraq

BOMBSHELL: Declassified Memo Proves the Pentagon had ZERO Evidence of WMDs in Iraq

Thirteen years after the invasion and occupation of Iraq, it is common knowledge that this war of choice was based on fabrications and slick propaganda.

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The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?

The Clintons: is the Oregon standoff really about uranium?

by Jon Rappoport

January 27, 2016

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, Power Outside The Matrix, … 2,317 more words

Government Fraud

Senate poised to declare international martial law

US Senate to Declare “International Martial Law” — Give President ‘Unlimited’ Military Powers

The U.S. Senate is poised to give President Obama and the next president unprecedented war powers that amount to declaring martial law upon the entire world.

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CDC makes changes and 30.000 cases of polio disappear

The CDC Made These Two Radical Changes and 30,000 Diagnoses of Polio Instantly Disappeared

The graph is from the Ratner report (1), the transcript of a 1960 panel sponsored by the Illinois Medical Society, on which sat three PhD statisticians and an MD, met to discuss the problems with the ongoing polio vaccination campaign.

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What we aren't being told about Iran at the moment


Tehran, Iran – The airwaves in the United States were filled with images of sailors on their knees while a US Navy vessel was searched. 1,367 more words