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Federal Budget 2012 Released - $110 Mill. / Year to IRAP program

The Federal Budget is committed to building on the Economic Action Plan with steps to address structural challenges and take advantage of new opportunities:

• Supporting Entrepreneurs, Innovators and World-Class Research by adopting a new strategic approach to enhancing support for business innovation and providing additional funding to help Canada reinforce its leadership in fundamental research. 211 more words

AIME Global Initiative Funding Opportunities for Southern Ontario Manufacturers

Yves Landry – AIME Global Initiative: $50,000

Is your business looking to foster training that will lead to advancements in innovation within the manufacturing sector in Ontario? 410 more words

CME-SMART Prosperity Now Funding Opportunities for Southern Ontario Manufacturers

CME – SMART Prosperity Now: $75,000

Is your business looking at purchasing capital equipment for enhancing productivity, integrating new and innovative technologies to products and/or processes for future prosperity and global export opportunities? 88 more words


Hiring a Grant Writer: What to Look For

“In some professions, looking beyond a resume or job application is more important than one might suspect. What makes a good grant writer? While the answer depends on who you ask, at least three qualities – often related to personality characteristics – frequently make the all-important difference between resounding success and consistent disappointment. 309 more words


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Grant?

A grant is a non-repayable financial contribution that is provided to a business.  Most companies are familiar with tax credit programs that all business are entitled too if your business completes Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SRED).  417 more words

What Types of Companies are Eligible for Government Grants?

All businesses are eligible for some government grants; however, there are certain industries that are eligible for even more because they are considered vulnerable sectors that are critical component to the Canadian Economy’s prosperity: 51 more words