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Welcome to Adjacent computerized governmental issues neighborhood powers wherever we’ll be looking at and highlight a pack of themes of concern to our fluctuated crowd. From property urban areas and sensible homes, through to powers benefits, we tend to would like to motivate and make talk. 316 more words

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POlitOOns March 2015, issue #8

This week’s World News:

Harrison Furd’s Near Miss!


National News:

The Empty Chair Debate!

The National Illness Service!

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End of an Era: Prospects Look Bleak for Slowing the Coming Food Crisis

By and large, the majority of the population have deluded themselves into believing a bright future is upon the horizon. For years, economic forecasters and preppers alike have warned of the bottom dropping out of the economy. 1,908 more words

World News

Healthy Thursday: Government Flummoxed by Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

This is the best pyramid for diabetics I have ever found! Via http://newdiabetesmedication.blogspot.com/2014/05/cures-for-diabetes.html

The United States Government has many heads, one is saying American’s are far too fat and developing Diabetes Type 2 at an ‘Alarming rate’: 490 more words

Brick Oneil

The Seven Thunders-Seven Plagues from The Holy Tablets by Dr. Malachi Z. York

The Seven Thunders

"The Seven Plagues"

The Seven thunders have been recorded by the ancient for thousand of years by the Hopis, the Yamassee, and the Nuwaubians, have logged these thunders as a sign of the coming of a new planet, "Nibiru", the coming in of a new era, the sign of the end of the present world rule by evil, and the resurrection of the ancient mysteries of Egypt, Atlantis rising again in the heart of Georgia, in a place called Wahanee.  These Signs are the signs of the times, recorded by the Ancient Neteru of Ancient Egypt, and Passed down through time.  They are called the thunders, or the plagues. 249 more words

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