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Proof positive that the University of Western Australia is an intolerant organization

Climate Ugliness

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Some insight into the Australian University scene. Not all, but too many universities, are following this unjustified, unscientific path because of political and financial pressure or influence. "Consensus Centre", can you believe this? Is it possible to move further away from proud academic standards and falsifiable scientific methods? The future is indeed of concern to all, if your children are launched into their future lives via such miscarriages of scientific justice. What does this say about our government, which fails to support our country built on honesty, pride and hard work, and allows itself to be subjected to outside political agendas based on pseudo-science. Worse still, is prepared to buy co-operation from educational institutions who themselves are prepared to sell their integrity.

Government Wire Tapping Citizens

Please read my previous posts about my site being shut down and my phone calls being tapped.

The ability of the President to monitor citizens who are plotting domestic attacks is one thing but to continually spy on bloggers and journalists because they do not like what is being said about them is a totally different thing all together. 49 more words

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I Am Definitely Being Monitored By Somebody

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Yesterday I was talking to my brother on the phone. After about 20 minutes, I commented on how my voice started echoing in the phone. 369 more words


UN to Monitor US Elections

Are you aware this report,I just read about it on AsAMom.Org?

What do you think about the integrity of US elections? Do you believe Harry Reid really won his re-election and that Obama won 2012? 1,460 more words

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I Cannot Ignore This Report, Can You?

Yes, I have been very quiet lately in reporting my take on the campaigns.  However, I have been paying attention.  I did not feel I needed to report on the elections since you have been hearing plenty of it.   699 more words

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TALLAHASSEE, Florida – WND-TV will provide gavel-to-gavel, live video coverage of the latest challenge to Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility in a courtroom hearing that could deny him ballot access to this all-important electoral swing state in November… 210 more words

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What a Stink'n Liar

Remember these lies when you go to vote this year. Pass on the information too so others will remember. The nerve of this man to not only run as an illegal candidate, but people actually believed these outright lies! 34 more words

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