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Rebel Jim

Guess what I did tonight??

Brand new (ish) sidewalk closed because someone can’t walk in heels (it wasn’t me!) without stepping off a perfectly good cement path! 44 more words


Corruption behind the jury doors.

Part 1 Day One

I have been dealing with the courts in some way many times over the years, but this was the first time behind the “curtain of the jury wall” as it were. 3,867 more words

Life In General


I’ve been reading a lot about ‘uncertainty’ which is stalling the economic recovery. Perhaps it’s time to dabble into the nitty gritties about what is causing businesses to pause… That is, to not be expanding or hiring new employees…. 745 more words

Government Nonsense

You might be a racist!

It seems that the time is right for a slight modification to ‘You might be a redneck’. Apologies to Jeff Foxworthy!

In no particular order – You might be a racist if: 2,293 more words

Government Nonsense

Your money is no good here!

Recently I had gone with a friend to go pay on a bill they have with our state government. We had stopped at a bank to get the necessary funds for this, and when they attempted to pay this state agency, they refused it.   316 more words

Life In General

Are They Kidding?


I’m feeling left out! Obviously, a package of real good weed has been delivered to everyone and I didn’t get mine!!

There’s a pledge going around congress that republicans are all signing… A pledge to read all legislation before voting. 731 more words

Government Nonsense

National Security

National Security

I really wonder if any of the Bush critics have given any serious thought to national security. To have in your job-jar the safety and security of 300 million people. 1,940 more words

Government Nonsense