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Democrat compares Trump to Hitler, faces the wrath of Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson all but called this whiner an idiot. I fully expect Tucker Carlson to gain a YUGE following . . .

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Should Local Offices in Virginia Remain Nonpartisan?

Should candidates for local offices be identified as Republicans or Democrats in Virginia? That’s an issue now being considered by the courts. Michael Pope reports. 10 more words

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Free Transportation For All As France Aims To Tackle Air Pollution.

Paris is said to be facing its worst air pollution in ten years, and the government has taken daring steps to save lives. All public transaportation systems will now operate without charges. 277 more words

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The Casey Review: Not Worth The Paper It's Printed On

Yesterday saw the release of the Casey Review into integration. Commissioned by the Cameron government, its stated intention was to review social integration in Britain.  However, it merely added to the already poisonous anti-Muslim narrative, which is tirelessly promoted by the likes of The S*n, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express. 804 more words

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Fake U.S. Embassy In Ghana Goes Under Lock After 10 Years.

Sounds funny that a fake U.S. embassy would survive ten years in Ghana, right? That just happened, right there in Accra, the capital city.

Image shows the fake embassy building in Accra. 356 more words

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The Biafran War: A 19-Year-Old American Boy Burned Himself To Attract Global Attention To Igbos.

Bianca Ojukwu told a shocking story of how a 19-year-old American boy set himself on fire for the sake of Biafrans during the Nigerian civil war. 646 more words

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