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Did President Trump Read Robert David Steele's Memo?

Robert David Steele’s memo to President Trump: https://tinyurl.com/Memo4Trump

Recent Interviews with Robert David Steele

Greg Hunter: Deep State Isolating Trump from We the People

BREAKING: EXCLUSIVE: Ex-CIA Robert Steele Interview #PizzaGate, Trump’s Path to Greatness & More… 46 more words

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Revealed: #NeverTrump Group That Took Out Milo Is Evan McMullin Campaign Site

I can’t help but wonder what role cuckmaster Bill Maher and his panel that included black bigot Larry Wilmore had in this attack on Milo Yiannopolous. 141 more words

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ICE Calls Out CNN, NBC, Etc., For "False, Dangerous & Irresponsible" Fake News Reporting

President Trump told a gathering of news media yesterday, namely the Mainstream Media that is not accustomed to having its status questioned, that they were constantly perpetrating fakes news to create an intended reaction from the American people.  52 more words

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Trumpkrieg, Week Four (Tweet Summary)

Millie Weaver delivers her “Epic Trump Tweets” for the week . . .


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