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Cameron’s #austerity has crippled productivity to 2nd World War levels– ONS report (#UK #politics #bedroomtax)

The government were informed time and time again that its ‘austerity’ policies were detrimental to the economy and detrimental to promoting growth. They didn’t listen, and now Office of National Statistics show that productivity has plummeted to levels not seen since the Second World War as a result. 638 more words

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Cameron’s tax lies shot-down by the IFS (#UK #politcs #bedroomtax)

The Tory election campaign has got under way with the exceptionally low standards we have come to expect from the clown prince and his court. 585 more words

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Heave Steve – Prince Albert Riding 2015

Local musicians, including NDP Candidate Lon Borgerson, join in to create the Heave Steve video, created in the Federal riding of Prince Albert – March 2015.


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WikiLeaks Exposes TPP Secrecy and Big Business Agenda

Our governments and the large corporations who corrupted them have been trying to keep the Trans-Pacific Partership (TPP) agreement a secret until four years after it is implemented, but the New York Time and WikiLeaks have joined forces to make it public. 829 more words

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Indiana's Religious Freedom Act

Governor Mike Pence must think us to be stupid. His comments that the just signed “Religious Freedom” act is “not about discrimination” do not hold water. 214 more words


How can the United States people take back their country?

Here’s an excellent game plan for restoring the Republic of the united States of America -LW

Take a printed copy of the original Constitution of 1787 –  482 more words

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Coalition pushes for driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants

A legislative committee hearing Wednesday afternoon was packed with supporters of a proposal to allow people living in Minnesota without documentation to obtain a driver’s license. 376 more words