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USA FREEDOM Reauthorization Act (2020)

Analysis by: Alex Kern

Full text: here.

Bill by: Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-New York) (New York’s tenth congressional district)

This bill would, if passed, reauthorize provisions related to the Foreign Intelligence and Surveillance Act, or FISA. 66 more words

New York

US: Nationwide lock-down, this is how it begins

Authored by: John W. Whitehead

This is a test.

This is not a test of our commitment to basic hygiene or disaster preparedness or our ability to come together as a nation in times of crisis, although we’re not doing so well on any of those fronts. 959 more words


Read : 2020-02-13

Today’s selection of articles:

  1. Scientists, stop thinking explaining science will fix things” by Tim Requarth (Slate, 2017-04-19). Not only do studies suggest the deficit model is wrong, but also scientists who approach science education from this paradigm may reveal inherent elitism: “If only they understood the science (as well as I do)…”
  2. 94 more words

Clearview AI: Next Generation Surveillance

By Jason Nelson

Clearview AI is a facial recognition platform, created by Australian Technologist Hoan Ton. What troubles privacy advocates about Clearview AI is how it searches the internet for images of the person in question. 413 more words


My First Original Post On Ko-fi and It isn't about mental illness

Happy to say that instead of recycling from this blog’s posts, I quickly wrote up something fresh on a totally different topic than mental health. I won’t say it is great. 166 more words