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Canary in a Coal Mine 2

Yesterday, a little bird told me about how a little bird saved lots of coal miners from a lack of air.

Today, I’d like to thank a little virtual canary that saves concerned citizens from a lack of liberty.  283 more words


Debate rages over divisive US surveillance law renewal

Perhaps the most contentious US government surveillance law on the books will be reauthorized, reformed or allowed to expire by the end of the year. 943 more words


What Crowdsourcing For Police Investigations Means For Your Privacy

Imagine if gathering evidence in a criminal case was as simple as snapping a photo and uploading it to a secure database accessible by law enforcement officers. 701 more words


US Treasury denies domestic spying

How many of us even knew the US Treasury Department has a foreign intelligence division?

We certainly know about the Office of Intelligence and Analysis (OIA) now. 783 more words


Report: A U.S. Treasury Intelligence Department Has Been 'Spying' On U.S. Citizens' Financial Records

The U.S. Treasury Department, specifically its intelligence division, has been conducting a program of “domestic spying,” including accessing American citizens’ financial records, sometimes for other intelligence agencies, according to reports observed by Buzzfeed News… 314 more words

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Signal app's address book security could upset governments

Signal, arguably the world’s most respected secure messaging app, plans to use the DRM (Digital Rights Management) secure enclave built into Intel’s Skylake chips as a way of hiding away how people are connected. 966 more words


DOJ lets itself off the privacy hook

The ever-growing pile of evidence that privacy is dead just got a bit larger.

Last week, privacy advocates lost another round with the US Department of Justice (DOJ) in the battle over the relatively unfettered collection, analysis and distribution of massive amounts of personal data of those both in and outside of government. 848 more words