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Republicans Support Failures by the Pentagon

Those who call themselves ‘conservatives’ continue to seek cuts to programs beneficial to the majority of the American people. Led by Marco Rubio, they want to give more money to the defense department, although nearly 50 percent of it goes to waste. 443 more words

California Overcharged Medicaid by $20.3 Million in 2010

A Federal investigation discovered California withdrew more funds from its Medicaid account than justified. The state also obtained funds for expenditures it failed to report. Even after a direct demand from the Feds, California has yet to take appropriate corrective actions for the $20.3 million overcharge. 642 more words

Federal Government Wants a Smart Meter “on EVERY home and business in the country.”

by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today posted an article at energy.gov, entitled, “An Explainer: How ‘Grid Modernization’ Could Improve Your Life.”  The article states: 587 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

10 Thoughts for 2016

By Mike Cronin

Instead of resolutions, I suggest these 10 thoughts for the New Year:

Regardless of your party preference or which side of the political spectrum you align with, remember that even… 660 more words

Politics & Philosophy

Tennessee Law For January

Tennesseans woke up to some new laws this morning. Most of which are nanny laws designed to protect us from ourselves. I have a deep seated aversion to nanny laws. 465 more words


Wake up call

When are Americans going to wake up? We are the hardest working people in the world. Taking less vacation time every year so we have less time with our families we struggle to make a living, own a home, pay off college loans and just feed ourselves. 387 more words

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