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Why Republican's Fiscal Policies Always Fail, and Trump's Might be the Worst of All

President Obama inherited one of greatest financial difficulties in our nation’s history. A Republican president left him with trillions of dollars in deficit caused by the invasion of two sovereign nations, and removing regulations from Wall Street which together created a near depression. 489 more words

Stop Wasting My Tax Dolllars

  If you agree with the following letter, I suggest you copy it into MS Word, or some other word processor, and send it to your US Senators and members of the US House of Representatives. 347 more words

Social Security

An Economy of One - January 23, 2017

One hour with Doug Miller: President Trump’s inauguration speech; The first days of the Trump Administration; Is tweeting presidential or just the MSM having a temper tantrum?; … 19 more words


EPA and FDA - Corrupted and Trashed

In their infancy, as in ‘Once Upon A Time’, the FDA and the EPA had high standards and great benefits. They were created as monitors for the public as a result of scams and corruption that caused injurious harm and/or resulted in death. 509 more words


Low Cost Technically Incapable - Revisited

As we are facing a transition of power with the hope of “Making America Great Again”, we have an opportunity, once again, to fix our broken system which continues, regardless of the party in power, to be a self-licking ice cream cone. 610 more words