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Transforming prosperity to austerity

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Trump Adds Nepotism to his List of Crimes

Two members of Trump’s White House staff are his son-in-law, Jerad Kushner, and his daughter Ivanka. Like Trump, neither has any experience or qualifications which allow them to be a part of the White House staff. 270 more words

Illegal Immigration Diminishes, but Trump Wants to Spend One-Billion Dollars for 62 Miles of his Wall

Less than one-half of the American people elected America’s biggest con-man. He is not an accomplished businessman; Trump is not intelligent; Trump does not know everything about everything; he is a philanderer and a sexual predator who is in denial; he will not keep a single campaign promise. 409 more words

Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are Unwelcome Neighbors

When Trump placed his son-in-law into his circle of sinners, eyebrows were raised, but the media ignored this blatant act of nepotism. Now Ivanka, Jerod’s Kushner’s wife, and Trump’s daughter, has an office in the White House. 480 more words

The Potomac Two-Step

“Too many chefs spoil the broth,” and too many politicians spout out half-truths to stir up sh*t unnecessarily.  Whether its socialized medicine, illegal aliens, or global warming, you can bet there is always somebody who will contest any action be it good or bad just to stir the pot and get themselves on TV. 644 more words

Donald Trump