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7/5/2016 Nothing suspicious per FBI?

Today is a great day for all the wealthy and powerful criminals!  Our Director of Federal Bureau of Investigation did spend a whole lot of money investigating Hillary Clinton home made email system.  284 more words

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Mad dogs & Englishmen leave EU

England has a tradition of following customs to the edge of lunacy.  When England was claiming colonies around the globe, they ignored tropical weather by insisting upon following their fashions better suited to a cool climate.  305 more words

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Planner Counting the Chickens, Our Well Managed City Hall

A valued constituent of mine, Thomas Webb, has just called me about at least the second attempt by the city planner to enter his property to count chickens. 449 more words

City Hall Wants a Communications Officer; the Real Motives Unmasked. Castration by the Hatch Act.

The next commission meeting is this next Tuesday. On the agenda is a request to approve 78K to hire a “specialist” to communicate good news etc about Kentwood (and here I thought that I did a pretty good job.) 123 more words


Massacre in Florida raises many questions

The carnage and brutal slaughter in PULSE nightclub of Orlando Florida is an attack on the USA population.  Response from our White House on Sunday is to lower flags to half mast in respect of 50 fallen citizens.  303 more words


ISIS Corner: The Never Ending Cycle of Bad Decisions in the "War" on Terror


The U.S.’s recent decades-long romps around the Middle East did little to spread quell global terror threats, provide stability or spread western democracy. If you watch the news, you know that. 611 more words

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