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Progressive Intellectuals

It’s like these guys take pride in being ignorant; they need to go talk to some experts who actually make a difference.” —Barack Obama, 2008… 462 more words

Presidential Politics

Canada's Ontario Has Figured Out the Money Sitch . . .

. . . to get votes you can’t raise taxes to your own people, you need a third party (i.e., the Feds) to disguise the coercion.  31 more words

Government Fury

DOD Charges Millions at Casinos, Strip Clubs on Govt. Credit Cards

“In the latest of many flagrant examples of how tax dollars are wasted, government-issued credit cards were used by Department of Defense (DOD) employees to make more than $4 million in personal charges, including at casinos and strip clubs. 20 more words

General News

Doublespeak: Chicago Suburb Claims Smart Water Meters Don’t Overcharge. "They Misrecord.”

An extensive investigative report was published this week by the Chicago Tribune dealing with so-called ‘smart’ water meters.  The report deals primarily with accuracy and billing problems for the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park but also raises concerns as other utilities transition towards meters that measure and record quantities electronically. 787 more words

Smart Grid, Smart Meters, And RF Emissions

Did You Know Farmers Used to Grow Food for Free?

One of the more brilliant Democrat ploys is getting consumers to pay for their groceries twice: Once in the form of tax dollars and then again at the grocery store. 80 more words