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Trump's Denial

A few weeks ago Donald Trump shocked knowledgeable Americans when he stated the United State’s 19 trillion dollar debt could be paid off in roughly a decade. 213 more words

FBI Blew $1m Hacking an iPhone – For Nothing!

Something needs to be done to reign in U.S. intelligence agencies – particularly when they act totally unintelligently. Example: The FBI just blew more than $1 million to hack the iPhone used by San Bernardo shooter Syed Rizwan Farook in an attempt to tie him to some terrorist plot beyond the one he and his wife cooked up. 686 more words

Government Spending

TSA is a Bad Joke and Too Expensive

A few years ago I applied for the Transportation Security Agency, or TSA. I had recently been employed by the United States Census Bureau in a management position. 481 more words

Some Thoughts on Cats and Cucumbers

Why are so many cats so scared of cucumbers? It ought to be investigated, and here are some of the questions that should be asked. 120 more words

Just For Fun

Everybody has to apologize!

There is a national craze to demand an apology.  You have to feel guilty and apologize for so many ridiculous infractions of good manners.  Protesters stomping on our USA flag demand apologies for anybody kicking their ass.  323 more words