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Obama's Historical Inauguration, 53 Million Dollars; Trump's Historically Low Turnout, 107 Million; Where's the Money?

To this day no one can account for nearly 50 million dollars in donations to Trump’s pitiful inauguration which were not used during the events. Was this the beginning of enormous corruption now confirmed by the Trump administration? 336 more words

Scott Pruitt Refuses to Learn his Lessons; Time to Send him Home to Oklahoma and Think about his Crimes

First of all, does anyone understand why the head of the EPA, Scott Pruitt, continues to have his position. If he was a Democrat, he would have been fired weeks ago, and Republicans would still be screaming about him on FOX Noise. 248 more words

Trump Calls His Presidency 'Work?'

Trump has spent one-third of his time in office at his millionaires only resorts. He has played golf at least 110 times. When he is occasionally in the White House, he watches cable television. 335 more words

A Sub-Chapter to Trump's Washington Mafia; Scott Pruitt

When Scott Pruitt was in state government in Oklahoma, he became one of the most corrupt politicians in America. We’ve learned to expect Republicans to surrender to promises of ‘big money,’ and lives of luxury, but Pruitt had ambitions and no patience. 449 more words