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Pruitt And The Environmental Protection Agency Clash On Course Of Action

Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has been confirmed as the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. Pruitt is known for having a hostile relationship with the EPA, which raises questions about his new administrative duties with the agency. 113 more words

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Frustrated LNG landowners protest non-payment of royalties

Loop PNG Author

More than 1000 villagers from Portion 152 where the PNG LNG plant sits have gathered on site to protest their overdue royalty payments. 130 more words


Disenfranchising Furries

Everyone knows that Crooked Hillary won the popular vote, but not many people know the reason for her victory.


Furries are people who believe that they are animals born in a human body, so they choose to dress and act like animals of their choice. 202 more words


🖕Gov. Jerry Brown (D CA)

California Governor Jerry Brown is a desperate man. With the fate of his state lying in the valley beneath a crumbling dam he should have fixed, he decided to make the trip to Florida Saturday morning to have breakfast at Mar-a-Lago and meet with President Trump. 122 more words

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Why Was the FBI Investigating General Flynn? by Andrew C. McCarthy

This article contains a fair amount of neoconservative cant, but it asks and answers an important question. From Andrew C. McCarthy at nationalreview.com:

There appears to have been no basis for a criminal or intelligence probe. 259 more words


Jay Sekulow: Obama Should Be "Held Accountable" For The "Soft Coup" Against Trump, by Tyler Durden

Just before he left office, Barack Obama made it very difficult to track down leakers within the intelligence agencies. It’s surely just a coincidence that the intelligence agencies have been copiously leaking since Trump took office. 333 more words


Gov PF: Insurance

Insurance can help you manage the risks of rare, but expensive events, throughout your life such as car accident, theft or fire. Without the protection of an insurance policy, you would be responsible for covering the loss you experienced. 259 more words