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The Plot to Kill King: The Truth Behind the Assassination of Martin Luther King by Dr William F Pepper Book Review This book is unique among the volumes of assassination literature.

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Is it Real, or Is it . . . . ?

Often, as I waited in the checkout line at the grocery store I couldn’t help but notice the supermarket tabloids. They sort of look like newspapers—they seem to use the same type paper stock—but they consistently featured unbelievable, outrageous headlines about scandalous affairs, celebrity divorces, the latest news about the extraterrestrial aliens the government was hiding, Big Foot, and, of course, Elvis’s current whereabouts. 122 more words


One-quarter of new jobs in Illinois were in the government

In what one analyst called an alarming trend, nearly one-quarter of jobs created in the past year in Illinois were government positions.

Government jobs in Illinois outpaced manufacturing jobs in the most recent jobs report from the Illinois Department of Employment Security. 255 more words


Closing Thought--20Nov18

For some time now Libertarian has been a lock step with the GOP on many issues especially on the economic side…..but a Libertarian think tank has made an observation that many of us have made in the past….it is a “one trick pony” ideology……. 203 more words