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Storm Dennis: Minister says climate change means government can’t protect everyone from flooding

Not sure where the 90 mph winds were supposed to be (the report says ‘parts of the UK’), but it has been blustery on and off for a few days. 296 more words


Trump is a COMMUNIST! Bloomie is a whatever?

Are the Democrats RIGGING THE PRIMARIES AGAIN like they did in 2016?

There is talk about Bernie NOT being a real Democrat.

BIG NEWS PEOPLE! 1,590 more words


Impeached Trump rides wave of global democratic recession

Last fall Foreign Affairs put it this way: It has been a good decade for dictatorships. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the magazine followed up with this eye-catching statement: Conversely, it has been a terrible decade for democracy. 907 more words

US economy under Trump: Is it the greatest in history? - Reality Check - BBC News

By Reality Check team – BBC News

Claim: President Trump often says the US economy is on an historic high, perhaps the greatest it’s ever been. 760 more words


Welcome to the Third World, eh?

Ever since a band of native protesters shut down rail service a week back in this country, we’ve become a global laughingstock.

The police won’t step in, and the ‘trou d’eau’ government refuses to do a thing. 79 more words

The Kulturkampf

Mike Bloomberg: Trojan Horse For Clintonista Revival, by Tom Luongo

Bloomberg has hinted he might make Hillary Clinton his vice president nominee, but it may go the other way, with Clinton on the top of the ticket and Bloomberg on the bottom. 1,174 more words


Fedophilia, by George Selgin

Central banking has become sacrosanct within the economics professio. Possible alternative monetary systems are dismissed out of hand. From George Selgin at alt-m.org:

As we start off the New Year, we thought it might not be a bad idea to remind our readers of the need to resist status-quo bias in assessing both the Fed’s performance and the merit of alternative institutional arrangements. 2,043 more words