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Control vs. Prohibition

Human being primarily an animal, whose drives as directed in the direction of desires. When the desires are blocked, they become perverts. Animals other than human beings only have drives. 390 more words

The Real CPEC Plan

Special Report | By Hasaan Khawar | Daily Times | Sunday, 28th May 2017


As Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif stressed the need for a dialogue with countries outside One Belt One Road to dispel apprehensions about the initiative, national media in Pakistan revealed a ‘long-term CPEC plan’, which apparently had not been shared with the public so far giving rise to a number of unwarranted co ncerns and rumors. 2,143 more words


What France and the U.K. Can Teach Trump about Reviving America's Middle Class

By Steven Pressman, Professor of Economics, Colorado State University: The Conversation

Providing more support for families with children is a key way to grow the middle class. 1,222 more words


How Washington's Reaction to Trump's Budget Justifies the Rise of Bitcoin, by Tho Bishop

In a world in which many governments, particularly the US government, will somehow default, Bitcoin looks like a viable wealth preservation strategy. From Tho Bishop at mises.org: 377 more words


Why the State of Jefferson is ready to split from the Great Late State of California.

Chuck Frank

(USA Today) “A farmer faces trial in federal court this summer and a $2.8 million fine for failing to get a permit to plow his field and plant wheat in Tehama County, California…compliments of the (U.S. 432 more words


It Should Have Been Great and Greater

Mar should have followed  Noynoy’s greatness. They both have looks, charm and brains. One has a great wife and the other will have a great wife but is in the position to be choosy.


The countries that control finance, energy and information are true governors of the world; because every other industry is based on these three technologies.