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Are we about to see an era of experimental government?

Note: This post was originally published by the Institute for Government on 25 June 2015 and is re-posted here with permission.

By Jen Gold

When budgets are tight, governments tend to treat experimentation and evaluation as something of a luxury. 819 more words

Administrative Justice

More assessment? What the Hekia?

Moving through the corridors at work over the last week has had the air of a zombie apocalypse. The ashen faces, sunken red eyes with black rings, shuffling feet and monosyllabic answers from senior students indicative of a gradual trend of sucking the life out of young people and teachers with internal assessment. 244 more words



“Faster than a speeding bullet train! More powerful than a shinkansen locomotive! Able to leap Tokyo Tower at a single bound!”

“Look! Up in the sky!” 654 more words


Wolf Signs Law Clarifying Background Check Requirements

By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Governor Wolf has signed into law a bill intended to clarify changes to Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law, made in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal. 128 more words


The Tory's slash and burn budget cuts: next week is going to hurt.

We’re two months in to a Tory government, and the gloves are coming off. There’s a budget in less than a week and I can’t decide if the news stories that have appeared over the last couple of days are to gently ease us in to the horror, or if they’re cleverly designed to turn the country on those in poverty so when the budget comes they can say “Yeah, those workless, they’re the cause of all this country’s problems!”. 262 more words


The European way:  "Like nothing" "It's almost free" And Old Bernie wants you to believe that😪

Exactly what is the European way? The above sounds very tempting does it not? Most people will focus on the “tuition-free” part and forget the “using tax money” part, especially those of the age in the picture who pay little or no taxes. 426 more words


Culture and counter culture

The value of counter cultural change is its power to break existing paradigms. What happens when instead of trying to improve on what we’ve got we think the opposite? 202 more words