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The Retirement of US Supreme Court Justice Anthony M. Kennedy: The Anti-U.S. Constitution Brett Kavanaugh Has Been Nominated to the Court to Steal Your Constitutional Freedoms

A political coup has taken place and the US Constitution has been overthrown over the last forty years. The so-called conservative justices on the US Supreme Court have lied, cheated and simply made up stuff in order to steal your freedoms while handing greater constitutional rights to billionaires and their corporations. 894 more words

Corporate Democrats

Our broken political system demands that politicians look to big corporate donors in order to get elected. Corporate Democrats take the money and show their gratitude by voting in ways that please their benefactors. 13 more words


What does Brexit stand for the UK’s real estate market? – Real Estate Agent’s vision

Many thanks, Mr. Nick Herward, Head of UK Property Management for dedicating your time to this interview with OneDome.

As you know, after the United Kingdom publicly stated it would be leaving the European Union, it upraised a bundle of questions regarding the prospect of the British Economy. 1,053 more words

United Kingdom

Four states sue the federal government over tax cut law

Despite the fact that millions of citizens are enjoying the “crumbs” tossed to them via the tax bill passed last December, four states are angry over the cap on state and local tax deductions allowed on Federal taxes, saying that it exceeds the taxing authority of Congress, and that the new tax law is unconstitutional. 421 more words

'I Dream About Biden': Trump Hopes To Run Against Former Vice President In 2020

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WASHINGTON (CBS/CNN) — President Donald Trump says it would be “a dream” to run against former Vice President Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. 477 more words


The Renminbi is affecting Western government norms

This is part two of a two-part post. Part one can be reached here. Written by Martin Thorley. To examine such links and their meaning in greater detail we will explore the British links as an example.

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