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Scott Walker is Right, Leadership Matters More Than Expertise

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Indeed Governor Walker is correct.  Obama has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is possible “To lead,” with having no leadership ability and only the experience of a community organizing thug. 1,293 more words


Getting (and Keeping) a "Good" Job in 2015 No Easy Task

While the US government and news organizations report better employment statistics month-by-month and quarter-by-quarter, the anecdotal evidence does not paint as optimistic a picture. Of classmates from high school, undergraduate and graduate schools I attended, the only ones who enjoy secure positions with good salaries work for the government: whether that be universities, schools, law enforcement (local and federal), fire departments, career officers in the military, or part of the professional bureaucracy (positions that do not change after elections). 273 more words

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National media gets it wrong on South Carolina's Republican Party's No Sex pledge: Good news for Todd Kincannon

National Media gets it wrong again.

Not true that SCGOP is asking everyone to sign the “Purity Pledge” it dreamed up in 2012.

Here’s their FB update: 1,233 more words


Maximus protest

Durham and Sunderland Unite Community branch members joined together today to support DPAC’s day of action against Maximus- the new Work Capability assessors.   Maximus is an American company so yet again, British taxpayers’ money will be winging its way abroad to boost a foreign economy, to the detriment of our own. 285 more words

Preference In Per Capita, Public Benefits, Is a Legal War Claim. Ignorance In The Public Employee. USA Department Of Health And Human Resources Claims Hot Prepared Food and Vitamins Are A Health Hazard Not To Be Covered In Public Benefits. USA Department Of Housing And Urban Development Claims Non - Prescription Drugs Not Allowed. They Are A Health Hazard And Can Not Be Covered In Public Benefits.

If Non- Prescription drugs are a health hazard so are prescription drugs.

HUD said No Smoking in housing benefits. Housing benefits is public Per Capita. If you claim Smoking is a health hazard and deny it in public benefits you also claim that prescription drugs is a health hazard and public benefits must deny them. 413 more words


Regulators Pushing For Upgrades to Philadelphia's Taxicab Fleet

By Mike Dunn

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Parking Authority is hoping for state approval of some new rules that would make it more likely that you won’t be climbing into a clunker when you hail a cab in Philadelphia. 302 more words


Remembering Texas Independence

On the anniversary of Texas Independence and the birth of the Republic of Texas in 1836, I found it interesting to see this article on WND ( 171 more words