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Prepared speeches will make Duterte presidential

From the way Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte won overwhelmingly the presidency and by the manner he has sustained his popularity to this day one can undeniably say that he has, indeed,   what it takes to be the leader of this country. 434 more words


cat among pigeons ...

Dr Alan Carlin from Icecap posted this interesting bit of news. Check. Not quite checkmate, but I do want to be a fly on their walls on opening their mail. 1,655 more words


#12 ‘Subsidy Foundation’ - There is always a better way😁

Australia nowadays, people have excellent benefits package including health and unemployment insurance. Meanwhile,people’s inertia was thoroughly exposed, lots of them without disability prefer to rely on welfare once they got unemployed rather than looking for jobs continually. 512 more words


Americans Spend More on Stuff They Don't Need - but nobody has money for health care or retirement savings or ...

Who knew? Cynical judgementalists like me, that’s who‼️

If you were raised by parents who came of age during the Great Depression, if you saw ration books for sugar and coffee your parents had saved from WWII, if you saw your parents live entirely on Social Security and if you spent a working career helping people with all sorts of financial and security issues, you may think differently about money and security and spending than younger generations. 309 more words


NACGRAB release nine hybrid crops

National Centre for Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (NACGRAB) has announced the release of nine hybrid crops varieties developed by scientists for Nigerian farmers to boost agricultural production in the country. 169 more words


UOI 2 How We Organize Ourselves - Excursion to Bekasi City's Mayor's Office

Last Thursday 20th October 2016, grade four students were having  an excursion to Bekasi City’s Mayor’s Office.

This excursion is the implementation from Unit II ‘HOW WE ORGANIZE OUR SELVES ‘ 90 more words

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John Kerry's Dark Birth Chart

Ever since John Kerry threatened the Ecuador embassy that Julian Assange be silenced or will face dire consequences, I became very interested in why he wants to keep this information from the public. 264 more words

Birth Chart