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Over K150 million in Royalties in 2016

BY: Cedric PatjoleĀ 15:00, February 18, 201

Over K150 million in royalty payments have been made in 2016.

According to Mineral Resources Authority (MRA) mining activity in five projects generated K158.11 million. 195 more words


Over-Regulation Has Criminalized the Practice of Medicine, by Charles Hugh Smith

One big reason why doctors, especially older one, are leaving the profession in droves: over-regulation. From Charles Hugh Smith at oftwominds.com:

This criminalization of everyday life is not just insanely costly and insanely counter-productive–it’s insanely punitive. 276 more words


EDSA 31: Lost In Commemoration

The EDSA Monument is crumbling. The hope and ideals for which it stands are lost in commemoration, 31 years later.

Today it speaks of betrayal against those who fought hard to restore freedom and democracy, and who sought to expansively create a better Philippine society where the man on the street will have the same rights and opportunities as those who control government and private enterprise with their vast riches, resources and power. 150 more words


The Anti-Trump Coup: Interview With a Non-Partisan, by Michael S. Rozeff

This is a pretty good history, so far, of the continuing effort by the Deep State and its allies to depose President Trump. From Michael S. 312 more words


The Billionaire-Owned, Corporate Media is as Worthless as Ever, by Michael Krieger

There are many activities which shorten lifespans. For instance: watching the Academy Awards, marching for leftwing causes, video games, and reading the mainstream media. Idiocy and lies, it turns out, are inimical to one’s health. 362 more words


Don't Miss: Facebook Live Townhall & Maywood Resource Fair on Feb. 22

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 || By Community Editor || @maywoodnews

State Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch (7th) will host his first Facebook Live Townhall Meeting tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 124 more words


Alan Greenspan: Ron Paul Was Right About The Gold Standard, by Tyler Durden

Former Ayn Rand acolyte and gold standard proponent Alan Greenspan is a mess of contradictions. From Tyler Durden at zerohedge.com:

As John Rubino eloquently puts it… 362 more words