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Gaining Personal Responsibility

“Which promotes greater personal responsibility, the free market or the welfare state?”

From my perspective the free market is the greatest promoter of personal responsibility.  How in the world could the welfare state accomplish being a promoter of personal responsibility? 253 more words


Anti-speeding campaign slaps over 16k Minnesota drivers with tickets

The results from Minnesota’s July speeding crackdown are in – and while fewer citations were issued this year than in 2014, the numbers show there are still plenty of lead feet out there. 291 more words


Hillary Rodham Clinton: Progress vs. Quality

Women…Men…Those over 18 who are registered to vote; this is my plea. With an upcoming election, America is again faced with what appears to be history in the making. 618 more words


China's Huge Telescope

China looks skywards with construction of huge telescope | euronews, world news.

“A radio telescope, with a receiving surface the size of 30 football pitches, is being constructed in China. 66 more words


Edward Health & PIE: file in missing dossier identifies his 'interest'

For some years allegations had circulated that the late Tory prime minister Edward Heath had been involved with the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE). Yesterday the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Authority) announced that it would be investigating a possible cover-up by Wiltshire Police re complaints made against the former prime minster of sexual abuse. 1,088 more words