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First Principles: No Government Can Restrain Humanity Set Free By Morality and Religion

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion.”  – John Adams (1798)

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First Principles

The Curious Case of the Twice-Fired FBI Analyst

Topher Sanders reports in ProPublica:

On Feb. 22, 2018, when Said Barodi received the letter from the deputy director of the FBI, he expected bad news.

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Daily Life

Boracay closure not only for rehab, but also for public safety

Tomorrow (April 26, 2018), what tourists had known as the paradise island will be closed to visitors, at least for six months to allow rehabilitation work to be carried out without hindrance. 193 more words


A Christian Land Governed by Christian Principles

A Christian Civil Order:

Religion, Republicanism, and the American Founding

By Dr. Roger Schultz

Rev. Ethan Allen once stopped Thomas Jefferson while the president was on his way to church. 4,048 more words