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The Government

Hidden behind these masks,
Are the desires to fulfill their tasks,
While using means untrue and unfair,
Putting us citizens in despair,

Corruption will bring us to the streets, 101 more words


PFP releases debate standings

The Panem Free Press has announced candidate standings for the upcoming Liberty Party presidential and VP debates.

The following candidates, listed in order of their podium, will participate in the presidential primetime debate: 116 more words


Undercard debate to be held for 2nd PFP Liberty presidential and VP debates

The Panem Free Press announced today that an undercard debate will be held immediately prior to the upcoming Liberty Party primetime presidential debate. This debate will feature three candidates that will be announced at a later date based on polling information. 100 more words


Texas believes that it is very important that the government control what you're allow to say or publish in social media

In The Intercept Jordan Smith has an article that shows how the government—in this case, the Texas government—is getting fed up with people speaking their minds and is taking steps to stop that. 726 more words

Daily Life

Another look at the Pentagon report that clears the military of any crimes

Ryan Devereaux and Cora Currier report in The Intercept:

Nearly seven months after the first shots were fired, the Pentagon has released its full report…

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Strange form of lying from the Obama administration: Say something (repeatedly), and then deny having said it

Zaid Jilani and Alex Emmons have a report (with video) in The Intercept that begins:

After President Obama announced on Monday that he would deploy 250 additional special operations troops to Syria, State Department spokesperson John Kirby tried to deny that Obama had ever promised not to send “boots on the ground” there.

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Daily Life