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A professional consensus against governmentality

In his latest monthly commentary (May 2016), Sir Michael Wilshaw, the Chief Inspector of Schools, states: “We need to put as sharp a focus on the other subjects (of the primary curriculum) as we do on English and mathematics.” Wilshaw goes on to remind inspectors to look closely at “the wider primary curriculum, including science and modern languages, as set out in the inspection handbook.” 907 more words


I don’t have depression. It sounds ridiculous, but I did have it when I was 8 until about 11.

Once when I was 5 I couldn’t sleep and started downstairs when I heard my parents yelling at each other. 2,009 more words


I have returned there where I had never been

27. IV 2016

Debt and guilt are two intimately related concepts. In some languages (Sanskrit, Aramaic, Hebrew, German) the two words even have the same root — the German makes it particularly explicit: Schulden (debt) vs. 1,038 more words


‘Trump is a Xenophobic Fascist’ says Clooney

As things begin to hot up in the US presidential election, Donald Trump is being accused of bank fraud and mafia connection by the BBC. In this… 1,467 more words


Normality and Whiteness

Matthew Frye Jacobson’s Whiteness of a Different Color: European Immigrants and the Alchemy of Race explores the making and remaking of race in the United States, especially in relation to European immigration. 580 more words

Mitchell Dean "Demonic Societies"

Dean, Mitchell 2001. “Demonic Societies”: Liberalism, Biopolitics, and Sovereignty. – Hansen, Thomas Blom; Stepputat, Finn (eds). States of Imagination. Ethnographic Explorations of the Postcolonial State… 1,246 more words

NEW BOOK: Assembling Policy

I am Sebastian Ureta and Nicholas has invited me to discuss my new (November 2015) book Assembling Policy.

Also, I owe a big thank you to  360 more words