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Velferdsforskning i Verdens Største Demokrati

Alf Gunvald Nilsen

(Publisert i Sosiolognytt 2/15)

Da Norges Forskningsråd presenterte sin evaluering av norsk sosiologi i 2010 var en av hovedkonklusjonene at empirisk forskning på velferdsstaten utgjør kjernen i anvendt sosiologisk forskning her til lands. 906 more words


Globalization as a justification for domination?

The events unfolded at the 3rd summit of the Americas is more reminiscent of a war zone, rather than the intended peaceful protests. In a lot of instances, transgressive actions were mistaken for provocative actions, leading police to deploy repressive and dominating tactics using less than lethal force, such as tear gas, rubber bullets, pepper sprays, along with others. 825 more words

Critical Analysis

Public Diplomacy and The Question of Governance

Discussions of public diplomacy have frequently broken the activity down into three elements; information, education and culture and international broadcasting.

But…if we look around at what public diplomacy/cultural relations organizations actually do there’s a sizeable chunk of work that would be better labelled as concerned with governance. 386 more words

Public Diplomacy

Cyberbiopolitics: the beginning of a new era

In 1976 Michel Foucault, during a conference held at the University of Bahia (Brazil), pronounced for the first time a word whose echo has been clearly audible until today: biopolitics. 1,201 more words

Governmentality: Muslims within Norwegian Society

Michael Foucault coined the term Governmentality to reference the ways in which state controls its general population, and the ways this snowballs into the ways in which the population teach to govern themselves, moving the power structures away from the authority. 451 more words



(Michel Foucault, 照片來源

下午在廚房跟艾莉絲聊她的學術研究,她的論文,她問了好一些她最近的研究問題,而我這個人恰好喜歡跟人家聊研究的事情,所以聊得很盡興。 66 more words