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JSA grinds my gears yet again.

I recently received a document stating that their were new sanctions for not holding up your end of the bargain. I was once sanctioned for something like 3 months for not applying to a job I would never have received because I was completely unqualified for it. 145 more words


Occupy wall street is idiotic.

I find myself asking what would Patrick Bateman do?
Getting handy with a fire axe comes to mind.

I have already read another great post about how this movement is just plain stupid, written by a Mr Andy Fox whom highlights some very accurate points about this whole “movement.” 968 more words


An update for anyone wondering

I am back in the USA to experience the holiday season American style, I always wondered if it would be better here and now I’m about to find out. 480 more words


Tonight I’m sitting by the TV as everyone else is passed out and just before they go to bed the news informs me that after countless years, deaths and billions Osama Bin-Laden is dead. 554 more words


AM Hates: The EU.

I promised all 30 of you a decent article, while it may not be decent it is important. A while back I studied politics and we talked about the european union, from the start of this unit of study I thought to myself that the EU is retarded. 609 more words


A whole hearted fuck you to JSA.

I’ve been on job seekers allowance for a short while, not by choice. In fact I avoided it for as long as possible due to the fact that the government has a habit of screwing people alsodue to the fact that I dislike taking money from anyone for many reasons. 562 more words