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Model for an Australian monarchy

The subject of Australia becoming a republic rather than having Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants as our head of state is never far from the headlines, it rears its ugly head with monotonous regularity, particularly when a federal election is pending. 614 more words

My View Of The World

Her Excellency Sharon Johnson tours CAF mental health facility in Halifax

Her Excellency Sharon Johnston toured the Mental Health Clinic of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Health Services Centre (Atlantic) in Halifax on Wednesday in her new role as honourary captain (Navy) for Military Personnel Command. 296 more words


Peter Cosgrove sworn in as Governor-General

Hello year 12s and welcome to a very relevant section of your course – The Executive.

You should easily be able to tell me what sections of the constitution are related to the executive, what chapters, whether they are effective in their role and most importantly….how they are appointed. 103 more words

#AToZChallengeJamaica: Q is for Queen

Queen Elizabeth II officially turned ninety years old on June 11 this year. She is the only person I know who has two birthdays. Her real one is April 21. 338 more words


The legislative process

Recent events within parliament surrounding bill C-14 have cast a light on the possibilities of the two houses of parliament stuck at a deadlock. In actuality, any theorizing was dubbed moot because the House of Commons rejected the proposals from the Senate on bill C-14 and the Senate duly accepted the rejection from the Lower Chamber. 979 more words


#AToZChallengeJamaica: "E" is for Excellence, Which We All Strive For

Oh, how Jamaicans love this word! To be excellent is to be better than the best. We all strive for it with all our might. Or we are supposed to, anyway. 215 more words


Happy Birthday, Your Majesty

This is Queen Elizabeth …

… she is, in her own right, the Queen of Canada. She’s also, in her own right, the Queen of the United Kingdom, Australia and about 15 other places, too. 184 more words