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Maine Tax Entitlement Reform


Tax, Entitlement Reform Question Heads Toward Maine Ballot

December 10, 2015


Andy Torbett (meconservativevoice@gmail.com) writes from Atkinson, Maine. (read full bio)

Maine voters will get a chance to vote directly on significant tax and entitlement spending reforms proposed by Gov. 300 more words


The Bully in the Playhouse

The Maine State Legislature has moved to its summer recess and now the cleanup crews have moved in to scrap the residue of food fights, tantrums, rock throwing, and all around juvenile behavior off the walls of the respective legislative chambers and the Governor’s office. 463 more words


Don't Let Tantrums Dictate Public Policy

The Maine Legislature needs to stand up to the bullying governor.

“The technique of acquiring dictatorship over what has been a democracy… always involves the same mixture of bribery, propaganda and violence.” – Bertrand Russell (1872 – 1970)

445 more words

How Governor LePage and Cornerstone Communications Brought Us High-Speed Internet

With Governor LePage running for office again, I thought this would be a convenient time to bring up what he gave to my family and North Bradford as a governor. 663 more words

Governor LePage Introduces Welfare Reform

The LePage Administration has sent out a media advisory announcing that the Governor, along with Commissioner Mayhew, Senate President Thibodeau, and House Republican Leader Fredette, will hold a news conference Monday April 6th at 1 pm where they will announce the Governor’s plan to reform welfare.   93 more words


Raw Milk--Raw Nerves

At the work session on Thursday March 9th 2015 the Joint Standing Committee on Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry listened to their committee analyst regarding the two raw milk bills under consideration this session and then adjourned to party caucuses without any discussion of the bills. 290 more words

Local Food

Maine's Flying Monkeys Grounded Due To High Winds

Maine Governor Paul LePage has issued an order grounding all of Maine’s Flying Monkeys due to strong winds, Modern Philosophers.

Maine’s Air National Guard has been mobilized to clear the skies, and all Flying Monkeys are being issued free drink coupons at area Monkey Bars to help them with their frazzled nerves. 356 more words