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Why Write a Memoir?

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Why Write a Memoir?

By Cait Collins

The quick answer to the question is, why not? We all have something to say about our lives or periods of our lives. 498 more words


Media: How Dishonesty Distorts Political Discourse

When political socialites hear quotes from the media, we jump into action. We all know who the political socialites are; they are people like me, who scour the internet seeking information and engaging in political arguments at every turn. 916 more words


Huckabee Riles the Left

The far left cable broadcasts and blogophere are in a frenzy over former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s comments at a  Republican National Committee meeting. The liberal mob firestorm, taking Huckabee’s comments out of context as usual, charged that he said, among other things, that the federal government shouldn’t help women control their libido. 59 more words

Political, Hey!

What Has Happened To Shame?

Sunday evening Norma Jean and I were watching Mike Huckabee’s program.  I always like his opening monologues. They’re refreshing. Value-driven.  And filled with common sense. 573 more words


Can You Regulate Morality?

The precious little children of the Newtown massacre have not even been buried yet and we are hearing about more laws and regulations so “this kind of thing never happens again.” 628 more words


Kindred's Special: Any Room for a Third Party Is Not in the Cards

Third Party candidates are more a dream than a reality because the past and current realities point to a lack of funding for a new national party.  517 more words