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Did you know . . . ?

Did you know that the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities maintains an archive of livestreamed performances by students, faculty, and guest artists.

Writing & Literary

Governor's School: All about sounds

Paul Allen was probably my favorite of our guest instructors for Governor’s School. He focused on the sounds and rhyming of poetry, but he wasn’t interested in sing-song poetry. 828 more words

Governor's School: Structured poetry

I was much more comfortable and used to free-form writing. I didn’t want rules and restrictions. I didn’t want to have to worry about following a pattern or a rhyming scheme. 727 more words

SPA Faculty Support COSLI Program

SPA faculty have played a key role in this summer’s COSLI program that brings more than 50 rising high school juniors and seniors to the CU Denver campus for a month. 134 more words


Two Mandatory Courses For Sen. Chad Barefoot's Ridiculous Replacement for Governor's School

If you remember, the recent North Carolina Senate budget included a provision offered by Sen. Chad Barefoot to do away with more liberal arts opportunities for our students and replace those prospects with state funded “camps” to teach students how to legislatively run the state in the same manner as the current powers that be. 542 more words