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Summer of Bereavement

My summer diversions came crashing to a halt last week with the start of school, which means that I am back to work now.  Throughout this past summer I have spent one day a week at the BYU Family History center.   603 more words


Mark my words

If you think that computing breeds geeks, try ‘ham’ radio.

As a licensed ham (callsign M1BWR), I confess to sitting on beaches blurting “CQ DX” into the mike. 720 more words


Standards In English Schools Part I: The introduction of the National Curriculum and GCSEs

The Introduction to this series of blogs, HERE, sets out the background and goals.

There are many different senses in which people discuss ‘standards’. Sometimes they mean an overall judgement on the performance of the system as judged by an international test like PISA. 11,621 more words

UK Politics

When is proof by contradiction necessary?

It’s been a while since I have written a post in the “somewhat philosophical” category, which is where I put questions like “How can one statement be stronger than an another, equivalent, statement?” This post is about a question that I’ve intended for a long time to sort out in my mind but have found much harder than I expected. 1,390 more words

Somewhat Philosophical

Emi reblogged this on Is it behind the rabbit? and commented:

Great post on Gower's blog on when contradiction is appropriate. The first comment by Tao lends additional considerations to the post with a reference to non self-defeating objects!

Times op-ed: What Is To Be Done? An answer to Dean Acheson's famous quip

On Tuesday 2 December, the Times ran an op-ed by me you can see HERE. It got cut slightly for space. Below is the original version that makes a few other points. 1,591 more words

UK Politics

What is Polymath?

In 2007, Timothy Gowers came up with a revolutionary new way of solving problems in mathematics. The reason I keep revolutionary in italics above is to stress the fact that there are several different opinions on polymath projects – and sometimes polymath projects are  1,295 more words

Bounded Gaps Between Primes


Scholze is giving a course at Berkeley! Follow Jared Weinstein’s lecture notes from the course here.

I believe that the lectures are also being recorded and will be available approximately one week after each lecture; I will add a link when it becomes available. 223 more words