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Identifikasi Diri [2]

Dalam tugas yang berdurasi panjang ini, kami harus mengerjakan beberapa poin penugasan. Yang pertama adalah mengidentifikasi Bakat Panca Indera. Sayangnya, di sisi ini, saya tidak menemukan ‘diri saya’. 308 more words


The C Word

Date: April 9, 2018

Age: 16

Location: United States

Name: You don’t care

You’re ready. I would say welcome back, but you’re here and that would be wasting time. 388 more words

High School

College Is More Than A GPA — So Don't Stress Too Much About Your Grades

When I attended college, my thoughts were so enthralled in passing all my classes. Yes, I socialized and did other things than study while in college, but my main focus was my classes. 667 more words

Mental Health

Grade Point Average (GPA) and Class Rank: Debunking the Myths

GPA and class rank matter to admissions officers less than you think they do.  Don’t get me wrong — academic performance, measured by grades and relative to other students, weighs heavily in the evaluation process.   725 more words

Academic Achievement

[How to read readings...] "critically"

If you’re doing a humanities subject, you might come across assignments where professors ask you to read several readings “critically” and respond to it. Sometimes they might just call it a “Bibliographic Essay”, sometimes they say it should be a “critical summary”. 281 more words


Mary's Botanicals

I was originally introduced to Mary’s Botanicals over a year ago at American Horse Products in San Juan Capistrano. I was checking out and as most stores do, they have a few small products placed on the checkout counter. 1,213 more words


On grades

I teach ninth graders. I love their energy, they’re desire to learn a foreign language, they’re desire to take risks with the language.

The risk-taking took a bit of time to happen because students wanted to speak and write perfectly, but when they heard over and over that we make mistakes even in our language, that mistakes are proof we are trying, that we can learn from them, they changed their mindset. 484 more words