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Beginning high school can be challenging and a weird time for most students. Classes, friend, sports, dating are among a few of the things students have to figure out how to navigate. 54 more words

Finally, a year of straight As

I completed my junior year of college! Wohoo! To boot, I cruised this year with straight A’s. Cruised? LMFAO, I mean I had an Armin Arlert year. 383 more words

Rising Market of Riding Helmets Market with COVID-19 Impact Analysis, Top Companies like Troxel, UVEX, KEP

The Riding Helmets Market is prepared through a rigorous and unique format to offer a high-quality, accurate, and valuable insight to assist in making strategic business choices. 687 more words


Do you think it's possible to be an academic if my best is still an A-?

A student wrote to me, asking:

Can I ask what’s your CAP when you were an undergrad if you don’t mind sharing? I want to pursue an academic life but I don’t know if I am smart enough.

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Work Smart, Not Hard – The Essential Guide for Surviving College

Here, you will not find generic advice like, make sure to get seven hours of sleep! Or, wake up super early and do 45 minutes of yoga! 1,169 more words


New pass/no pass grading option implemented in light of COVID-19 uncertainty

El Camino College is offering students the opportunity to change from a letter grade to a pass/no pass option until Friday, May 15, in light of the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic. 239 more words

Cattoliche Tradizionaliste e ArciLesbica: matrimonio in arrivo?

Andrà presto in discussione il decreto legge Zan sull’omofobia, che, se dovesse passare, renderà molto difficile (soprattutto, molto pericoloso in quanto sarà considerato reato) appellarsi a notizie scientificamente non provate per attaccare la sessualità omo. 833 more words