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Nuova Rubrica, "Il Commento del Mese": Lupo Mannaro.

Tornerò a essere contrario a utero in affitto e utero artificiale quando ABROGHERANNO LA FACOLTA’ CONCESSA A UNA DONNA DI NON DARE, A NORMA DI LEGGE, UN PADRE AL PROPRIO BAMBINO. 496 more words

Pieces of your college application: Unpacking GPA and what it really means

GPA. Grade Point Average. It is the number on your transcript. The culmination of your grades and semester by semester. I bet if you’re a student, that number feels a bit heavier to you. 719 more words


The 7 Tips You Need to Know Before Applying to University

After graduating from high school, students usually go to university. While some take university as an opportunity to move away and become more independent, others prefer to stay close to their families. 1,004 more words


Pro-maschile e anti-femminismo sono sempre compatibili? Io dico di no. Anche perché l'anti-femminismo a volte non può esistere.

Per quanto a qualcuno potrebbe suonare strano essere pro-maschile ed anti-femministi non è esattamente la stessa cosa.

Ed anzi pro-maschile e anti-femminista potrebbero essere in contrasto, alle volte. 772 more words

Rejected from a Ph.D. program, now what?

When I applied to undergraduate programs, I was accepted to all 3 universities with no issues. No wait list and no rejection came from that process. 1,077 more words

Graduate School

Hello again. It’s Monday; I opened my blog, looked at what I wrote in the ending of 2019, it was good. It was a turbulent time; I was thinking about studying statistics and programming, then starting a career as a data scientist. 302 more words


Ah, my nemesis: Fatigue

Hoo, what a day. I woke up with some serious fatigue and have been battling it ever since. I went to bed super early last night because I was starting to feel it then. 464 more words