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Using GPG to password-encrypt files

In addition to public key encryption, GPG can also be used to password encrypt files. This doesn’t use public/private key encryption but uses symmetric key ciphers like AES or… 358 more words


Electronic Mail Encryption

Electronic mails need to be encrypted if you need true privacy when communicating. Encryption is the most practical and effective way of fighting surveillance and privacy violations by the state or any malicious actors like intelligence agencies (unwarranted eavesdropping) and black-hat crackers. 1,305 more words


ProtonMail: обзор защищенного почтового сервиса

Как вы, вероятно, знаете, основные провайдеры сервиса электронной почты больше не заслуживают доверия. Вашу почту могут просматривать, скажем, работники Google или представители власти, и если это локальный сервис — будьте уверены, кто-то из ваших соотечественников будет ее просматривать. 43 more words


GPG windows ecrypting file for external user

install vanilla gpg2 windows from here:

then to encrypt a file for external user:
gpg2.exe –import c:\temp\john-doe-pub-key.asc (search here https://pgp.mit.edu )
and encrypt it: 26 more words


Want some privacy and security online? Check out ibVPN!

I’ve been using using ibVPN for a while, and I think it’s great.  In case you don’t know, “VPN” means Virtual Priivate network.  To use… 217 more words


Fixing GPG ERROR NO_PUBKEY on Ubuntu 14.04

I recently was working on installing pipelight-plugin so I could get the Unity3D plugin working on my Ubuntu desktop. Getting that working is another subject, but part way through the installation process I ran into an issue. 717 more words


Smaney delivered in clutch for Bay Port

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Bailey Smaney isn’t superstitious.

But one of the Bay Port senior pitcher’s biggest supporters is.

“(My grandma) is very superstitious,” Smaney said. 461 more words