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ArchLinux: Palemoon Installation Fails with "Unknown public key error"

Palemoon has been recently adopted by a new developer, who is not part of the official ArchDev team, resulting into an “unknown public key error” and refusing to install. 312 more words


How I encrypt my backups in the cloud

One thing that I do in order to secure my data is to use encryption. So why shouldn’t I do the same with the sensitive files of my websites. 135 more words


ERROR: One or more PGP signatures could not be verified!

Since I had to look this up too many times already, I thought I better write a quick blog post on how to resolve this, so I won’t need to dig in this… 122 more words


Interview with Daniela Saadeh: winner of the IOP Gravitational Physics Group (GPG) thesis prize

CQG is proud to sponsor the IOP Gravitational Physics Group (GPG) thesis prize. This year the prize was awarded to Daniela Saadeh, who we have interviewed below. 804 more words


Pretty Good Security

Seems like a lot of companies are getting hacked these days, even companies that put a lot of effort into security. There are a lot of reasons for this, but I believe there are three main causes. 5,837 more words

Blue Team

SL7: enable EPEL repos

there is a vast repo for packages not (officially?) maintainted by redhat. to enable this repo (called EPEL) the following steps are needed:

  1. get and install the epel rpm file: …
  2. 68 more words