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GPG Quick Start

A quick HOWTO for getting started with GnuPG.

Your Key

Private and public keys are at the heart of gpg’s encryption and decryption processes. The best first step is to create a key pair for yourself. 1,073 more words


Weekly output: Google phones (x2), SXSL, e-mail encryption

I just watched the second presidential debate, and I was disappointed but not surprised by the lack of tech-policy banter. You?

10/3/2016: Why it matters that Google might be producing its own phones… 190 more words

Weekly Output

우분투 14.04에서 GPG 키 만들기

이 글은 과거에 쓰던 블로그에서 들여온 글로, 문서의 최신성에 대한 보증을 하지 않습니다.

GPG (Gnu Privacy Guard)는 OpenPGP를 기반으로 하는 공개키 암호화 기반 암호화 도구이다. 자세한 설명은 …

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A practical web of trust?

In order of difficulty, there are three basic parts to using gpg:

  1. Generate your keys
  2. Keep your keys secure
  3. Decide who to trust

Most people will never even get to step one, much less the far more difficult steps that follow. 306 more words


Using GPG for Public-Key Cryptography

Wikipedia has an accessible introduction of the subject. The GNU Privacy Manual is a good resource for detailed documentation.

Export Public Keys

To allow us to encrypt files with the public key of our correspondent, we first need to have access to their public key. 286 more words

Best Practices

Creating a GPG Keypair for Public-Key Encryption

GPG may be used to encrypt data and protect it from prying eyes. To use the public-key encryption method, we first need to generate a private-public keypair. 1,194 more words

Best Practices

Using GPG for Symmetric Cryptography

GPG may be used to encrypt data and protect it from prying eyes. We may either use symmetric-ciphers or the public-key cryptography method to protect our data. 416 more words

Best Practices