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ECHELON: The vanguard of next generation technical software

In September 1980, interest rates hovered around 12%, movie audiences were still reeling from the revelation that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, the first personal computers were hitting the market and I was about to enter MIT as a freshman in the Aeronautics/Astronautics department. 967 more words

Computational Science

Install AMD HIP on Nvidia platform

HIP is sort of AMD’s version of CUDA. It allows developer to write CUDA-like code and build for either AMD or NVIDIA GPUs. But the current version contains a small coding error that prevents HIP from working on NVIDIA GPUs. 280 more words


Heterogeneous Accelerated Deep Learning on Spark

Finally. My paper report for my Statistical Machine Learning class. main


As a branch of machine learning, Deep Learning is already becoming a promising approach for developing more sophisticated models for different intelligent applications. 145 more words

Distributed Systems

Theme of the Week: CPU vs GPU

Let’s start by understanding the difference between CPUs and GPUs.


GPGPU Computing : approaching a decade

General purpose computing over GPUs, that were meant only for rendering of images for gaming and other related applications, mainly started when Nvidia launches CUDA… 250 more words


Performance gain by GPU in Theano

A very basic timing comparison on the performance of a setup of Theano using the MNIST dataset with multiple layer perceptron. A gain in performance of almost 18% is achieved with GPU, and significant improvement is observed using T-test.