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GPGPU Computing : approaching a decade

General purpose computing over GPUs, that were meant only for rendering of images for gaming and other related applications, mainly started when Nvidia launches CUDA… 250 more words


Performance gain by GPU in Theano

A very basic timing comparison on the performance of a setup of Theano using the MNIST dataset with multiple layer perceptron. A gain in performance of almost 18% is achieved with GPU, and significant improvement is observed using T-test.


Exploring Theano with Keras

Theano needs no introduction in the field of deep learning. It is based on Python and supports CUDA. Keras is a libray that wraps the complexity of Theano to provide a high level abstraction for developing deep learning solutions. 149 more words


Compiling CUDA in command line

For getting acquainted to more unix based CUDA development, the following command line and related environment are found to works in the current Visual Studio based platform. 71 more words


Traffic accident images from data.gov.hk

This traffic accident involving five vehicles happened last month and was caught on the CCTV camera. The still-image video below is constructed from data available to the public at… 22 more words


Nvidia GPU-Powered Autonomous Car Teaches Itself to See and Steer

Network World (04/28/16) Steven Max Patterson

An Nvidia engineering team built an autonomous car that combines a camera, a Drive-PX embedded computer, and 72 hours of training data. 183 more words

High Performance Computing

OpenCL for Intel CPU in Ubuntu 14.04

Hi folks!

Last time I have been here was a year ago or so and I am happy to be here again! In this short tutorial I will explain how I dealt with OpenCL in 64 bit Ubuntu 14.04 when I wanted to make it work for Intel CPU. 619 more words