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CUDA 6.5

It has been months since the official release of CUDA 6.5 and it is about time to upgrade from 5.0. The performance improvements in double precision is noticeable in the new release, and there is no change of code required. 64 more words

CUDA 6.5

Visual processors for High Performance Computing (HPC)

The chips that drive the visual processing behind advanced video games are finding a role in many other applications which depend upon High Performance Computing (HPC). 464 more words


NOOOCL - OpenCL bindings for Node.js that actually works

I’m in progress towards Node.js based Neuroflow implementation. From now on OpenCL is flawlessly supported in Node.js with my new module, called NOOOCL.


GPU programming, Image Convolution as an exmaple

Recently, I am busy in taking courses in Coursera, and one of topics caught my attention, Heterogeneous Paralleling Programming(link), given by Prof. Hwu… 573 more words


Nvidia Jetson

Finally splashed out on the TK1 dev kit; color me impressed! The buyer is first greeted by a neat looking, minimalist cardboard box, which contains the board, power supply and micro-usb cord, for flashing the device. 219 more words


Nvidia doubles performance of GPGPU with Tesla K80

The new product, launched during SC14, is pitched as double-your-everything: twice the performance and twice the memory bandwidth.

The K80 has 2x Kepler GK210 GPUS that claim 8.74 teraflops single-precision and 2.91 teraflops double-precision. 67 more words


Learning the Basics of GPGPU Programming - Buffers and dimensions

Today I am going to be talking about Structured Buffers and how to use them in both direct compute and the standard rendering pipeline. To start with lets just quickly recap the Thread groups from the previous post. 435 more words