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Here is another (quite hilarious) attempt in explaining how CPU’s compare to GPU’s in computation.

Note that this does not in any way reflect real world performance ;)


NVIDIA Launches New GPUs For Deep Learning Applications, Partners With Mesosphere

The days when GPUs were only about letting you play Crysis with a higher framerate are long over. Many of the most transformative new computational techniques now rely on GPUs’ ability to quickly run certain algorithms in parallel. 304 more words


k-Means Clustering using CUDAfy.NET


I’ve been wanting to learn how to utilize general purpose graphics processing units (GPGPUs) to speed up computation intensive machine learning algorithms, so I took some time to test the waters by implementing a parallelized version of the unsupervised… 5,972 more words


More OpenCL/GL Demos

I came up with several other demos for OpenCL/GL. Here they are :D

In the future I plan to add some physics simulation demos…


Building a custom, third-party OS for Intel's Xeon Phi (Part 1: The History)

This is the first of a multi-part series documenting some of the experience we’ve gained in getting our small OS running full blast on Intel’s Xeon Phi coprocessor.   1,700 more words

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Introduction to High Performance Computing Cluster

High Performance Computing Cluster aka Supercomputers, after working for 4 years in this domain( Administration of HPC Cluster) I could say, this is not as challenging job as its sounds (Supercomputer).Its all about configuration, some people take days, some takes months and some could take years depending on knowledge and experience but ultimately every one can setup these clusters. 220 more words

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CUDA 6.5

It has been months since the official release of CUDA 6.5 and it is about time to upgrade from 5.0. The performance improvements in double precision is noticeable in the new release, and there is no change of code required. 64 more words

CUDA 6.5