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Building AMD's MIOpen on a non ROCm(AMD) system

AMD. Please, please write your build script PROPERLY. It really sucks that I have to hack your code to make it work on other’s platform. – and that’s when all components used are cross platform. 526 more words


CUDA, Theano, and Antivirus

Most ubiquitous antivirus products monitor new process from executables in real time and will attempt to terminate their execution if deemed a potential threat. Some of these antivirus products simply do a signature match while some do more sophisticated heuristic or intelligent scanning. 421 more words


Microsoft’s high-performance, open source, deep learning toolkit is now generally available - Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit version 2.0 is now in full release with general availability. Cognitive Toolkit enables enterprise-ready, production-grade AI by allowing users to create, train, and evaluate their own neural networks that can then scale efficiently across multiple GPUs and multiple machines on massive data sets. 32 more words



NVIDIA’s CUDA programming language is a wonderful way of exploiting their graphics cards (Graphics Processing Units) for general purpose computing (GPGPU).  Effectively CUDA offers access to the cards via a relatively simple syntax extension to C (one of my favourite languages). 228 more words

Paperspace launches GPU-powered virtual machines loaded with tools for data scientists

Not many companies would dare to fight with Amazon, Microsoft and Google at the same time, but three-year-old Paperspace thinks it can carve out a cloud computing niche by rolling out the red carpet for data scientists. 327 more words


GPU Accelerated Expectation Maximization for Gaussian Mixture Models using CUDA

C, CUDA, and Python source code available on GitHub


Gaussian Mixture Models offer a simple way to capture complex densities by employing a linear combination of multivariate normal distributions, each with their own mean, covariance, and mixture coefficient, , s.t. 2,084 more words


Nvidia's new Titan Xp top-end graphics card also offers Mac support

Nvidia updates its top-of-the-line Titan graphics card yearly, so it’s only natural the Titan Xp got announced Thursday. The Titan Xp’s new specs include 12GB of GDDR5X memory running at 11.4 Gbps (!), an army of 3,840 CUDA cores running at 1.6GHz and 12 TFLOPs (that’s twelve… 146 more words