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GPS vs. Compass and MAP

Most adventurers are still very confused about the use of GPS versus maps and compass or both together. In this very short article, I am going to explain, when to choose which and why. 2,154 more words

This Entrepreneur Has Built A Business On Getting The Message

Did you get my message?

I fielded this common question just today, and my answer was “No. Message not received.” Fortunately, it was a small matter, easily resolved. 557 more words



Runners like numbers. We want to know how far we’ve gone, how fast we were, how much we climbed/descended, what our heart rate was and on and on. 403 more words


Tracking Device Addiction

Today, I was randomly reading an article, How technology companies are keeping you addicted too your phone” by Sophie McBain  in NewStatesman. The funny thing is that I was reading this article on my iPhone, while waiting for a phone call. 462 more words