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Google Maps Has Now a Feature to Find "Parking Slots"

Are you tired of forgetting the location of the parking slot where you leave your car and unable to find it when you are back. Do not worry any more. 220 more words


Low-cost Drift Buoy Plies the Atlantic for Nearly a Year

Put a message in a bottle and toss it in the ocean, and if you’re very lucky, years later you might get a response. Drop… 233 more words

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How To Use Your GPS

For some of us, our life decisions can lead us down a path we didn’t really want to go and to a destination we didn’t want. 474 more words

God's Eternal Purpose

Google Finding New Waze to Take Over the World

It’s no secret that the Google corporation has its hands in nearly every digital marketplace in existence. It is the assumption, however, that the Czech Republic’s alternative, Seznam, has kept the multi-colored tendrils from taking hold of the country’s internet. 472 more words

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Back to the Future......

I’ve ranted about this before but since very little has changed, I’m ranting about it again.

How difficult is it for you to get an appointment with the G.P. 1,623 more words

Forty Lakes Peak and Fisher Bluff: 26-7 November 2016

It seems I’ve been very slack and missed writing up a few walks I’ve actually done, so this is my attempt to do what I should have done long ago. 1,134 more words


Life’s Not a Race Its a Marathon

Life’s Not a Race Its a Marathon

Waiting in line at the grocery store seems to take forever doesn’t it? What about when you’re waiting for your burger at a fast food restaurant? 490 more words