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Photosynthesis: from the antenna to the reaction center

The photosynthetic apparatus of the green sulfur bacteria (chlorobium tepdidum) spurred a long lasting discussion about quantum coherence in biology, mostly focused on its subunit, the Fenna Matthews Olson complex. 228 more words

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How a wave packet travels through a quantum electronic interferometer

Together with Christoph Kreisbeck and Rafael A Molina I have contributed a blog entry to the News and Views section of the Journal of Physics describing our most recent work on Aharonov-Bohm interferometer with an imbedded quantum dot ( 52 more words

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ECHELON: The vanguard of next generation technical software

In September 1980, interest rates hovered around 12%, movie audiences were still reeling from the revelation that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, the first personal computers were hitting the market and I was about to enter MIT as a freshman in the Aeronautics/Astronautics department. 967 more words

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Nvidia launches Indian virtual incubator for AI

India: American technology major Nvidia has launched the Nvidia Inception programme in India, in recognition of the country’s budding innovation ecosystem in Artificial Intelligence (AI). 221 more words


Text Summarization using Sequence-to-Sequence model in Tensorflow and GPU computing: Part 2 – AWS P2 Instance Installation

Merry Christmas!

I finally got my toys for the Christmas – AWS P2 instances, Yay!  This weekend Chicago snowed again, so a perfect timing to try Cloud!   1,688 more words

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A few months ago, in July, I published an article in HPCwire and here on LinkedIn describing why I thought that this year, 2016, would be one of the most important in two decades for the HPC industry. 891 more words

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Hell weeks ahead

I have a project paper and presentation on parallel programming (using CUDA) due on two weeks from now and I haven’t started my project yet. Add to that I still need to prove the correctness of two algorithms for my thesis due this semester. 36 more words

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