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Kicked out of parliament session in South Africa

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party in South Africa were kicked out of the budget vote by security staff. EFF MPs interrupted Pravin Gordhan while he was  talking about budget proposals for the public enterprises department and called the minister a “constitutional delinquent”. 16 more words


Don't get in nether out

I like the concept of grabbing the bus to go in. Hollywood style!

Seen in La Paz, Bolivia


Chaos during parliament's training session in South Africa

In South Africa ANC and EFF parliamentarians fought during an introductory training session for new MEPs in the National Assembly. Pushing followed shouting and according to The South African… 14 more words

Boxing And Punches

Brawl with knife in new Afghan parliament

Only five days after parliamentary polls in Afghanistan the situation in parliament escalated and lawmakers brawled over accepting the new Speaker Mir Rahman Rahmani. Members of parliament tried to stop him taking his seat. 34 more words


Hong Kong Parliament fights over Extradition Bill

During discussions in the parliament of Hong Kong lawmakers started a fight over who controlled the microphone. They argued about an extradition bill that would allow suspects to be extradited to mainland China, Macau or Taiwan. 12 more words

Boxing And Punches


Grabbing some popcorn

Watching the semester end

A horror movie


Year 2, Day 73

At daycare this morning, I tried to set Miles down on the floor so he could start crawling around and playing with the other kids, but something different happened this time. 73 more words