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Sometimes I feel sorry for Solomon. Yes, he was given wisdom beyond any other man. He had riches and success, people coming from all over the world to listen to him, to see what he did and said. 573 more words


A Work in Progress

By nature, I can be a little “difficult”.

I’m impatient. I can be intolerant and insensitive, self-centered and self-absorbed. I can be judgmental. I’m prideful. I have a temper. 750 more words


A Proper Fear

41 They feared the Eternal One while at the same time serving their own idols. Their descendants have done the same ever since.

2 Kings 17:41…

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There Is No God Like Jehovah!

Why do  I say there is no God like Jehovah? Because that is what I believe with all my heart and soul. I am not a theologian by any means, but I do realize that no other god in the universe was willing to die for me so my sins could be forgiven and I could have eternal life.   445 more words



My verse for this week is:

Those with knowledge know when to be quiet,
    and those with understanding know how to remain calm.

Proverbs 17:27…

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Those are some bad wages

There is an old saying that at the end of the game the king and the pawn go back in the same box. I like this a lot. 745 more words

Daily News

Badges of Victory

Hope – How can such a small word make such a big difference in a person’s life? I guess that depends on who or what you are putting your hope in! 654 more words