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Are you phubbing Jesus?

Phubbing (or phone snubbing) is a modern-day problem affecting many people today. Perhaps you may be guilty of phubbing others, and never realized it.

When your friend or loved one is constantly distracted by looking at their cell phone, talking on the phone, texting, or reading their social media feed while you are trying to keep a conversation going, this can be very frustrating! 312 more words


With God All Things Are Possible

Faith is the necessary link to receiving God’s blessings and miracles.

Jesus taught us that, if we believe, whatever we ask of God the Father in prayer we will receive. 135 more words


To Write Love on Her Arms

I just finished watching the movie “To Write Love on Her Arms”.  It’s based off the true story of a girl struggling with depression, mental illness, cutting, etc.   1,394 more words


Face today…
With an innate conviction that your dream will not fade into the thin air.
Today is loaded with opportunities and chances. Regardless of the story… 18 more words


#GraceForToday: Faith


We all have goals, ideas, and the innovation to dream big, but where is the line between dreaming it and achieving it? The idea of “having faith” is something we often throw around. 329 more words


Everything You Need to Get Through Your Day

Once in a while you get a glimpse of God’s supernatural shining through your ordinary, but those glimpses seem few and far between while you run to the grocery store, vacuum the living room, or check school backpacks. 452 more words

You And God

#GraceForToday: Trust

Each of us has goals, dreams and ideas of what we want our futures to look like. But what happens when those things don’t happen when we wish them to? 320 more words

Damarqio Williams