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Documentary Response

So from the short part of American Revolutionary that we saw in class, I was still able to pick out some important things about how documentaries are structured. 147 more words

On Doc Filmmaking and The Notorious G.L.B.

I had never heard of Grace Lee Boggs of American Revolutionary before yesterday. It’s interesting how much quirky / inspiring / well-made content like this documentary is out there, yet I don’t really know about. 540 more words

Commenting on the documentary, American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs

This was an amazing documentary, very well done. I think this was a great deal due to the fact that Grace Lee (the filmmaker) really let Grace Lee Boggs stand on her own. 201 more words

Tribute to Grace Lee Boggs

“Tribute to Grace Lee Boggs” – acrylic paint, February 2015

Quote from Grace Lee Boggs: “We are the leaders we are waiting for”.


A Two-Sided Transformational Process

From Grace Lee Boggs in The Next American Revolution (2012):

Radical social change had to be viewed as a two-sided transformational process, of ourselves and of our institutions, a process requiring protracted struggle and not just a D-Day replacement of one set of rulers with another.

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Cloud Of Witnesses

30 books by women of color that I read this year

Inspired by Victoria Law’s decision to read 50 books by people of color in 2014, I decided to do a similar challenge: 25 books by women of color (which turned into 30).  1,240 more words

Everyone Just as Precious

In the days ahead, everyone who loves this country enough to change it will have many opportunities both to reflect on and to practice the radical revolution in values that King projected and to foster a concept of global citizenship in which the life of an Afghani, Iraqi, Iranian, North Korean, or Palestinian is considered as precious as that of an American. 9 more words