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An Anonymous Confederate Soldier's Prayer

I was intrigued this week when I heard someone quote the prayer of a Confederate soldier.  I am sure I have read this prayer many times before or heard it quoted sometime in the past, but today it seemed to resonate with new meaning. 461 more words

Letting Go

Unfathomable Wealth

What it would be like to live with such wealth, that you could create, or have created for you, a home that had it all and even more? 262 more words

Press On

Like everyone else, I struggle with having enough time to do the things I need and want to do.  Why is keeping up with the laundry such an impossible task when my predecessors had to use a wash board and hang everything up?   885 more words



I’m the kind of person that believes that every personal challenge comes to help us grow and expand into the type of person that God created us to be in the first place. 701 more words

this is my story, this is my song... part 4

All to many times I catch myself in the blame game. Trying to explain or justify why I did something that wasn’t so bright. As I’ve gotten older and hopefully gained some level of wisdom and maturity, I try to skip the blame and take responsibility for my own actions. 1,990 more words