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4 Stripe White

Sometime in February

I was a 3 Stripe White for almost 1 year, considering I took 4 months off when I moved to Orlando. Coming to a new team under the same Gracie Barra Red Shield, I was not forced to re-gain the stripes on my belt. 381 more words


Set Your Ego Aside And Rest

Injuries – Take A Step Back

Monday, during post training rolling/grappling, my partner and I were grip fighting for an opening for a take down. After a few attempts, I went for a hip throw. 372 more words


Getting Back On The Mats

Taking A Hiatus

When I moved down to Orlando, one of the main factors on where I chose to live was how close a BJJ Academy was to my work or home. 486 more words


Visiting Lisbon (and the European Championhips!)

This blog will see a collection of firsts: my first adult holiday, first trip to Lisbon, first IBJJF tournament, first European championship, first Gracie Barra competition camp, first competition at Blue Belt and the first month since my promotion at the Annual Gathering 2016.  1,923 more words


Becoming a Jiu Jitsu competitor

This is just my opinion on starting competing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Feel free to add or share your thoughts at the bottom if your experience varies. 782 more words


3 Stripe White

July 11th, 2016

Professor Cindy described this stripe as my “cooking stripe” from the adobo I made for the UFC party we had with the team. 96 more words

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Competition: Flag Football, Powerlifting, BJJ

My Competitive Nature

Throughout my life, I have always been competitive. From sports to school to sidewalk sprints, anything where there was a clear winner and loser I have or will get around to it. 1,939 more words