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Kumite with Butch Hiles Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of Kumite with Butch Hiles. Last week we looked into Butch’s morning routine and what inspired him to practice martial arts. This week we are going to see how Butch feels about listening to Taylor Swift while working out at the gym. 887 more words


Things not to say to parents of Twins

So many people have stopped us in the past year when the girls are with us. when they were a few weeks old i didn’t mind the attention because it was all new to me, but now, it’s got a bit annoying. 484 more words


Emilia & Gracie's first year

So, the first year has been so hard looking after my little twinkles. Its been hard because we haven’t really had anywhere this year that we could call home. 585 more words


Chicken Pox X2

So as the title says.. chicken pox has well and truly landed in our house, and both girls have it. We kind of expected it really because my niece & nephew have been with it the past 2 weeks so it was only a matter of time. 111 more words


Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae

I would like to introduce you to my little twinkles-

Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae.

They are my absolute world. I really cannot imagine my life without them now. 352 more words



Hello:) I am Melanie, I’m a stay at home twin mum to my little 1 year old twinkles – Emilia Kate & Gracie Mae. I am also a Fiancee to my wonderful Other half- Jamie who i have been with for 3 years – coming to 4. 456 more words


The Eddie Bravo Invitational

No-gi Jiu Jitsu has always sparked debate in the Martial Arts world, largely due to the conflict between those who believe the art should be taught traditionally, clad in a gi and those who believe that the gi is expendable, its belt and lapels being substituted instead for innovative positioning and control techniques. 459 more words