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Cat shot in Scotia, police looking for culprit

SCOTIA, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Police are investigating after a cat was shot in the head.

The Scotia Police Department says the shooting occurred on either July 10 or 11, and the animal belongs to the Martinec family on Fourth Street. 289 more words


Yoga for Truth....to find it, to live it, to set you free




the quality or state of being true.

Sometimes we bottle things up inside. Those feelings and words we want to express get buried into ourselves and we can’t find a way to get them out. 641 more words


A Loop Round the Forest

I like the concept of DIY Audax rides. It gives me a reason to go out on a ride and to go a bit further that I normally would, if left to my own devices. 892 more words


We Hate Petechiae

I mentioned in previous posts that Gracie has been having a tough ride on the sickness train the last few months. In addition to not feeling well, she wasn’t eating a lot, and not napping well at school, so she was exhausted and dropping weight. 730 more words

Down Syndrome

Our Tapestry...

Animals have always been a part of our lives. Dogs and cats were a constant part of our childhoods, and now as adults, we can add horses, goats, donkeys, parrots, chickens, and recently a bearded dragon. 584 more words

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”

This morning is oppressive. The air is perfectly still. The sun has disappeared and reappeared. The humidity is 84%. Rain is predicted for tomorrow through Tuesday. 250 more words


Comments, bridges and dogs

I believe it was something in the order of $A69 Million that was spent on the hospital and I still have to go to the Flinders Medical Center (FMC)  in Adelaide for an echo-cardiogram.  792 more words

House, Garden And Dogs