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Show Your Patriotism Through Proper Etiquette

Patriotism is defined by Wikipedia as the “emotional attachment to a nation which an individual recognizes as their homeland.” It can also indicate one’s love, support and defense of one’s country, and loyalty to it. 328 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

What's the Big Deal About Wearing Sweatpants?

Miss Meredith Sweetpea grew up with a Southern grandmother who required certain standards for a lady. We were to smile prettily, be dainty, and look our best at all times. 485 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

Which Comes First--the Dress or the Hat?

The hat or the dress…which do you choose first when selecting your outfit? Surrounding the Kentucky Derby and other high-end horse races where memorable hats are the vogue, it is a question… 274 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

Secrets to Love: Respect

While reading through one of her favorite books, Miss Meredith Sweetpea came across a section titled: Secrets to love: Respect. She’d like to share those words with you here, in hopes that all might glean a bit of insight into making your love life a little sweeter. 370 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

Contentment, For Real: Guest Post by Grace Cabalka

“Don’t cry and I’ll give you a dollar.”

This is a phrase I often heard as a young girl growing up in a stoic family. This command became a way of life for me. 495 more words


Being Present Amidst Pain

Pain. I thought I knew what that word meant. I had delivered three sons via caesarean. When my third son was born, I had a terrible cold, including a cough,. 623 more words

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