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Desert Sunset

12″ x 12″ x 2.5″ Oil

Hiking in the Shadow Mountain area with my daughter,

I spotted this silhouette across the valley

and knew immediately I wanted to paint it. 40 more words


Trio of Apples

9″ x 12″ Oil

Haven’t fully finished unpacking but painting anyway.

First things first.

This little trio was painted with R&F

pure pigment sticks.

I loved the vibrancy this medium gives. 17 more words


Cooking From Scratch is an Art Form

When I tell people I cook everything from scratch, I get one of three responses: “Good for you,” “I don’t cook,” and “Why?”

Which begs me to think, “Have we truly lost the art form of creating a delicious meal?” 395 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

Sea Oats 3

18″ x 24″ Oil

It looks like we’re moving to another home

in the Valley of the Sun.

So…I’m offering discounts on most artwork

for the month of February so I have fewer things to pack! 20 more words


My Kind of Superhero

Unlike critics (but apparently very much like Google users), I loved The Age of Adaline.

It is a modern-day romantic drama with a dash of fantastical realism, old-fashioned sensibilities, mid-century accents, gorgeous flashbacks, a… 1,056 more words

Gracious Living

Some Words on Words and Consensus

I’ll get right to it. Because it’s lunch time.

1. No single word should silence someone.

There was a time when saying someone was a woman meant she couldn’t hold office, be trusted to manage her emotions, speak her opinion, own stuff or vote. 753 more words

Gracious Living

A Case for Taking A Job You Hate

I graduated from university when I was 20, so obviously I knew everything.


I knew that graduating young was a huge plus, that it gave me an extra couple years to get a leg up in the professional world. 928 more words

Gracious Living