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Failure is all about perspective

I just found out I didn’t make it into one of the Graduate programs I applied to. Initially I was filled with thoughts of second guessing my career path and not feeling good enough. 139 more words

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CAUTION! - Andrew Overload!

I haven’t written a post about Andrew in a while, leaving the highlights of his life mostly in the background, while he finished up grad school at Lee University, in Cleveland, Tennessee. 506 more words

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An Update on Life | The Road to Librarianship

I started this book blog in January as a way for me to write more. As an English Degree Holder (™) and someone who is passionate about reading and writing, it made sense to me to start something where I could explore two of my passions. 537 more words


Goodbye, teaching anxiety

Hello, folx! Sorry that my blog has been slowly dying, grad school has been keeping me busy (in a good way, I am thriving intellectually and balancing the academic stress with a social life–shocking, I know, for introverted me). 409 more words

Just made some other social media accounts for this blog, feel free to check it out!

IG: @theyounggradstudent

Twitter: @gradu8student

Tumblr: @theyounggradstudent

Graduate School

How to be productive if you don't like the Pomodoro Technique

Or, every tip that has helped me write my dissertation.

We are on day 8 of #100daysofdissertation, and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out… 529 more words

Contempt and its role in academia; #GradSchoolSearch

When I was younger, I had a partner who told me that “contempt is the one emotion that kills everything. Whether its a professional or personal relationship, contempt is the one thing you cannot work past unaddressed. 775 more words