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I failed my exam yesterday

I failed my exam yesterday.

It was the first exam of the semester, and I failed. It wasn’t the “Oh, I got 89% and I consider that failing” type of failure, it was the “I don’t think I even got 50% of the answers correct” type. 480 more words

Grad School

The Book

Published soon after my youngest son was born, the book, which is essential for all Grad students, finally arrived at the school library. I had just explained to my Speech class how to get books from other libraries through the interlibrary loaning system. 484 more words


Grad school post: Is it just social media?

As contemporary society moves closer to complete participation in social media at some level, news organizations are utilizing the new modes to reach audiences. Follow writers and papers on Twitter for links to articles, or tag yourself in photos on Instagram. 163 more words

Grad School

Moving Right Along

Registered for summer classes, no may term this year, just two classes at once, June through beginning of August. Looking forward to my final two classes, but still a lot of work to do this semester, first. 108 more words


The "Beautiful Struggle" and/or the "Baptism of Fire"

I am not writing as much as I’d like to. I think this has been one of the most reoccurring thoughts in my adult life. Other thoughts include: “I need coffee,” “I am tired,” “Don’t be an idiot,” and “What am I doing?” 853 more words


Interview and an offer

Okay, so I hadn’t written about my last interview yet, but that’s because I haven’t even been home from it for 48 hours– and i already have an offer from them! 1,313 more words

Grad School

So I become a doctor tomorrow...

Dudes and dudettes my defense is in 14 hours. Nutso

As of 11:30 my time tomorrow I will be done with this thing!

Posting should increase in frequency after this, because I will be jobless and have much more free time, and well.. be a doctor!

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