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Organizational Organization: Things You'll Miss When They're Gone

Post #7 in the “In Between” series.

I’ve come to appreciate a handful of things about basic military administration and organization since I’ve spent some time away from it. 901 more words


Last Call

As I was driving home in the dark last night from my last class ever as a student of my university, I started thinking about how crazy, challenging, and beautiful the journey has been these past two years. 150 more words

Grad School

Grade inflation and the Tragedy of the Commons

A post inspired by grading papers?  This ought to be as exciting as watching paint dry!  If you got time to kill, and you want to kill it good and dead, read on… 873 more words

Why Grad School? 6 Reasons Another Degree Just Isn't For Me

Should I get married and pop out a kid or go to graduate school? -That was a rhetorical question, of course, although opinions are welcome ;). 934 more words

library school check-in (part 2 of 6)

Read Part 1 of 6 here

Classes have been out for two weeks and it’s time to reflect on my first term of library school, though truthfully, much of the last month is now a blur. 708 more words

Grad School

Hot and Sour Chicken

This week, on My Shitty Kitchen, I’m gonna show you how to suck a little less at a basic function. Cooking, most of the time, is less of a science and more of an art. 473 more words