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Grad school anxiety

Lately, I’ve been struggling. And I mean REALLY struggling; the kind of struggling that involves spending days on end laying in bed trying desperately to hide from the world and the impending stresses of life (read: impending doom). 506 more words

Mental Illness

An Education

Ever since I was little, I have always had an internal alarm system telling me when I am living a lie. When I am on a path that is not right, my solar plexus – the area right below the middle of my ribcage – constricts in a painful and uncomfortable way. 369 more words

The Busy Girl Diaries: Goals

People sometimes say to me, “You need to chill out. Take less classes, work fewer hours, be selfish.” Most of the time, these statements aren’t without good intentions. 282 more words


Running on Fumes

Steffi confession #153: I have a weakness for terribly corny jokes.

And when I say “terribly corny”, I mean that they should appear on Laffy Taffy wrappers—or they likely already have. 1,201 more words

Planning for Grad School: Part 1

Applying to Grad school is kind of like applying to undergrad but 100x worse because you don’t have high school counselors breathing down your neck, or colleges actively looking at you vs. 185 more words


Relationship Status: In Grad School (and not a miserable cow)

Once upon a time, a sixteen-year-old girl was unanimously predicted to be the first out of her senior class to get married.

That sixteen-year-old girl was me. 847 more words

Grad School

Doctors said, "Her life is over." God said, "No, it isn't."

Today I found out I’ve been accepted into grad school! It’s days like today I’m reminded of the big miracle God made me back in 1992 after a speeding car struck me and I was inches away from death, and according to the doctors if I were lucky enough to live I’d be nothing but a vegetable. 153 more words