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There Was So Much Less Sexism Then

Whenever I reconnect with my college experience – either by going to a reunion or reconnecting with people from that era of my life – I am reminded of a time when I felt unstoppable. 752 more words


Where To Start? How to find programs, Apply, Helpful Resources, etc. Part 1

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As I mentioned in my Introduction,

one of the most challenging aspects of figuring out how to go to Grad school in Germany is deciding where to start– what websites you should be reading, who has the most accurate information, how to search through programs of interest, and when or rather how soon are you trying to be in school should be some of your primary concerns. 1,052 more words

Black Girl Magic

Heading to GSA 2017!

I’m excited to be on my way to GSA in Seattle tomorrow! I’ll be making the most of my week out there. I’m presenting my work on Indian K-Pg paleoclimate, co-chairing a session on advances in paleosol proxies, and going on two soil sampling road trips with my labmate. 76 more words


Running in grad school

How do people find time to train for ultramarathons in grad school? I can barely find the time and motivation to run three miles a few times a week, let alone start a proper training plan for the 50k I wanted to do in the spring. 27 more words

Grad School

My Blogtober Break

Hello Friends! I apologize for not sticking to Blogtober. I was doing really well but I started getting more in tune with my health and focusing on myself health and also I graduate Grad school this month!!! 204 more words


Yesterday was my lowest graduate school experience so far.

I’ve turned down several jobs because I want the right fit.

So when I was at SuperTarget (omg so great) 68 more words

Lack of functioning

I officially started trying to wean myself off of Prozac on October 10th, so I’ve been on a half-dose for about 9 days (though it takes about a month for dosing changes to take effect).  773 more words