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As I look back on my past four years of college, it is difficult to pinpoint my best piece of writing. The piece I ended up choosing is a final essay for my first class in the Interactive Media graduate program. 1,226 more words


I didn't get into my graduate school of choice

SADLY, I didn’t get in to my graduate school of choice, Georgia Tech’s Online Master’s of Computer Science. How could anyone NOT want to go to a 7k program computer science program at a top 10 computer science department? 217 more words

Grad School

Why a gap year (or two) was the best choice I ever made.

We all know the drill. You go to high school, if you’re “smart” you move on to college immediately after. You participate in four years of studying and “finding yourself” and you better have found yourself during those four short years because after they hand you that expensive piece of paper and you toss the mortar board, you’re expected to know exactly what path to take to live a fulfilled life. 1,223 more words

Grad School

Spring Semester Summary

In absolutely unsurprising news (to everyone BUT me): I have another semester of straight As.  This means that I’m basically 3 credits and a completed Thesis away from having my MA. 737 more words

Stitch Offline

Ok, so this is one of those posts specifically tailored to students who are already in graduate school, but perhaps if you’re a college student, you might glean something from this as well.

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How To...

Grad School

In Pennsylvania your teaching certificate is only good for 6 years. In that time you need a certain number of credits and then you need to apply for your permanent certificate. 203 more words