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Finding joy in a world of books

Dear Friends,

After a year’s break from blogging and other social media, I am sharing this update with my readers to let you all know that… I AM HAPPY. 182 more words


A Day Trip to Susa

Sorry for the long absence…life got in the way…to pick up where I left off…I was in Turin taking in the sights of the Piedmont. 470 more words


You never stop learning.

Many people have this mindset that there is nothing left to learn after our formal education is over. All the training that we will ever need for life was crammed into the first 18 to 24 years of our lives. 482 more words

Searching for a new home

My partner and I have been searching for a new house recently. It is considered a “seller’s” market here, and houses that are listed in the morning are off the market by the evening. 576 more words


Does impostor syndrome ever go away?

In my first semester of grad school, I had a professor who talked extensively about impostor syndrome. He noted that grad students very often fall prey to it, and indeed during our seminar discussion just about every person in the room, including myself, admitted to feeling it. 972 more words


Qualifying exams

I PASSED MY QUALIFYING EXAMS!!! So I figured I might as well reflect upon my experience, and hopefully this will help other biosciences grad students as well. 818 more words

Grad School

Thanks for reminding me why I'm leaving academia

Well, the post-defense high was nice while it lasted.

I submitted my final research paper to a suitable journal about a month ago.  Last week, they sent me back the referee report, i.e., the comments from the anonymous reviewer.   494 more words