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Observation 02

My second observation started strong but quickly took a sharp turn as the review began. 433 more words

Classroom Management

My Week

So, what’s been going on this week?

Here’s Emily, providing me with what is, to her, much-needed notetaking help.

This is Oscar. This is NOT our house. 122 more words



I started this blog a couple of years ago knowing that as I moved away from academia and into the workforce, I would be hard-pressed to maintain a consistent line of inquiry into my research. 505 more words


Thesis: Broughton Street

Continuing with my plan to write out my thesis paper for my nighttime projection show in a series of blog posts, as well as my plan to approach the project from the point of view of working with different clients, this post will take a deeper look at Broughton Street and real estate developer Ben Carter. 2,528 more words


Keeping up: Aging and the Computer in Grad School

Aging and the computer – have been thinking lately about how these two challenge each other?

Lots of articles tell us about the difficulties with computing as we age. 948 more words


Wild Weather = Angry Sinuses

Snow one day, 60 degrees the next, and then freezing and snow again by end of week. This weather is driving my head and sinuses crazy. 206 more words


China at the Peak of Training... sounds like a plan!

Cute pandas everywhere. 

Last week I crossed another country off the bucket list: China.

The Greatest of Walls.

Rickshaws are the way to go. 

TEA. So much tea.  640 more words