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Jack of All Trades, Master's in Communcation

I wasn’t going to let the rain ruin my parade on graduate commencement day. Yesterday I officially got my master’s degree in communication although I finished the program in December. 455 more words


Nuns: judgey by nature or just plain superior?

I probably should have included this with my 7 Signs You’re About to Hit Rock Bottom blog post. Then again, this story deserves its own word count. 655 more words

The "Plan".

There isn’t just one formula of how to “get where you’re going”. I say that in quotations because no matter how much of a “plan” we have or where we… 952 more words

Child Life

Lost in (Bible) Translation

I finished my first semester of grad school a couple of weeks ago. So here, have a thing I wrote for class. (This is a critical reflection on the first chapter of ‘How To Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart) 1,366 more words

What's next in my life?

As a student…

So, it’s gonna be a month [*cough* less than two weeks] until the start of a new month May, and I am pretty much free after this month.   177 more words

What I’m up to

Every four weeks I write a mini literature review for my supervisors, they read through it, give me some written feedback, and then we discuss it. 702 more words