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Copyright Law: Cover Art Infringement

Kristina Snyder 2/9/2020
Professor Eric Slater Unit 5

Cover Image Infringement

According to Mary Lafrance in ​Copyright Law in a Nutshell, ​“Copyright infringement occurs when a party engages in any of the following activities: (1) violates any of the exclusive rights of the copyright owner as provided in 106-122; (2) violates author’s moral rights under 106A, or imports copies or phonorecords into the United States in violation of 602”(1). 582 more words

Copyright Law: John & The Chem Journal

Kristina Snyder

Copyright Law:Print and Cyberspace

Professor Eric Slater

John and the Chemistry Journal

According to Copyright Law in a Nutshell by Mary LaFrance “a work must be original in order to be copyrightable… ‘original’ means (1) not copied, and (2) at least minimally creative” (3). 560 more words

Tips on Looking into Grad School from a Fellow Undergrad

by Adriana Hernandez E.

So, you’ve become a Bobcat. You walk on Scholars Lane, you enjoy your upper division classes, and developed a color-coding system for your notes and agenda. 1,095 more words


Current Work in Progress-Promotion Project

Kristina Snyder 05/17/2020

Portfolio Project: Flagship Product
Space Press seeks to create engaging, exciting, and entertaining content through diverse

authors and stories. We wish to connect readers and young adults worldwide through our broad range of young adult fiction, nonfiction, science fiction and historical fiction. 8,992 more words

Blog Post Update

All further blog posts and essays will be found on my site YellowPencilProject.com. Posts on this site will remain up for a short time before slowly being removed.

Assistive Technology


Security is the initial reason why the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was formed (Guan 2). And this community-building allowed the region’s member-states to interact with one another politically and economically later on (B. 703 more words


"Where science is explained in brightly-colored balls."

Reflection has become a key component of my quarantine life during COVID-19. There is a lot to consider in a rapidly changing world and a lot to think about how I got here, which is often courtesy of… 1,098 more words

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