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Biggest Fail Ever

My walk to school is approximately 1.1 miles according to my GPS. Today, I walked to campus around 1:00, past the high schoolers who were just getting back from lunch. 165 more words

Art Work #7: Isabelle Collazo, Dance Artist and Educator

You dance more than you think you do, says Isabelle Collazo. Whether you’re listening to the radio in your car, moving through the street, or just processing information about the world through your body, your life is filled with more movement than you may realize on first blush. 2,073 more words

Art Work Series

Final Semester - Night 1: Unpredictability

It is Wednesday, and tonight is the first night of my final semester. It was not until yesterday did my classmates and I find out who our professor will be. 400 more words

Grad School

Forever Student No Longer

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash

It’s day 3 of my new job and I appreciate the stillness of the morning. Granted I’m hardly waking up that early, 8:40am usually, but the novelty has yet to wear off. 273 more words


Bad Choices

It’s 5 am and I’ve been up for an hour already. I breastfed and then pumped, scarfed down a bowl of cereal and am now taking 20 minutes of “me time” before my day really begins. 315 more words


Grad School Diaries: A Prologue

Do you remember the feeling in the pit of your stomach on Christmas morning? The anticipation and excitement caused all kinds of flutters and butterflies. Or maybe the feeling you had as an awkward 7th grader, seeing your crush walk by–the warm, fluttery feeling of contentment and potential that popped up whenever you’d run into them “by accident” in the hallway. 616 more words


Making it Through the First Day

It was my first day of the semester today and, like any good first day, it was a bit full of fails. I taught today, I didn’t have a class as a student, but teaching is much more scary than going to class. 331 more words