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Staying (Physically) Healthy

The hardest thing about winter is the drive to stay healthy. On top of that, we are still in the midst of quarantine and a global pandemic. 470 more words


Changing Times

Struggling this week. Few weeks left in my shortened semester. My first semester back in grad school. My last first semester. It’s been rough, tougher than usual. 176 more words


Consistently Inconsistent

What a quality, the antonym of a virtue, to exist in a flux of states across time. Everything else around me may change and that’s just a rule of nature, but, in terms of my psychology, I must suffer a lifelong condition where I only know stability a few days at a time (or less), and only every now and then, if the circumstances align. 249 more words

Grad School

Manna and the Dreamers

As of this month, this blog is a whole ten years old and I had forgotten until last week. Life goes so fast and is sometimes so strange, but I am grateful. 501 more words

Top Five steps on how to manage your time properly

Between Grad school and having a full-time job, here are some tips and tricks on time management.

Are you having a tough time keeping up with your schedule and juggling too many things at once? 933 more words

Full-time Job

The Apologist in Restraint

I am an apologist for myself.

I hate that.

When meeting a new person, well, this happens in my head… “Hello. I’m Chloe. I’ve got the crazies. 45 more words


Holy sh*t, I'm a (sober) Doctor!

Photo by Stanley Morales on Pexels.com

I did it friends!

I successfully defended and submitted my PhD dissertation to my university, and I am now a doctor! 894 more words