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The GOP Tax Plan isn't good for most Americans, including Graduate Students

86% of my income as a graduate student, goes towards bills. 

This percentage does not include gas expenses, cost of groceries, costs of books, or any other items. 304 more words

How to Start, Continue, and Finish a PhD

Full disclosure: I have submitted my dissertation and am awaiting the necessary feedback before scheduling my oral defense. Therefore, I have NOT finished my PhD, so my title might be a bit misleading. 1,392 more words

10 Tech Tips for Graduate Students

Over the last few years of watching my partner complete her doctoral program (and hearing about several of her friends on the same journey), I have noticed some common tech “missteps” grad students make. 1,001 more words

My Final Assignment as a Graduate Student

I do believe this is the very last thing I have to do to complete all three of my graduate degrees. I want to have something especially insightful, but the reality is that much like graduate school started four years ago, I am still burning the midnight oil and insight cuts into sleep time. 445 more words


The Academic Trap

Due to media coverage of Trump dominating even academic journals, one of the year’s most divisive experiments has almost been swept under the rug.

The “West 85th Experiment,” so-called because of the lab’s location near New York City’s Central Park, placed over one thousand tenured professors, assistant professors and graduate students in hypothetical or technical problem-solving situations for which they had no prior experience or training. 757 more words

Matthew Eley

Making Sense of Someone Else's Plan

This past week I have read and re-read the City of Eugene’s Public Participation Guidelines. I hate to say it aloud, but they don’t make as much coherent sense as they should. 397 more words


Websites for Academics

I spend a lot of time trying to convince grad students that they need a web presence.

Why? There are a lot of reasons, but the one I find most compelling is that I use scholars’ websites all the time. 739 more words