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Kompost je crno zlato

Šta kaže Wikipedia?

Kompost, poznat kao „braun đubrivo“, predstvalja organsku materiju razgrađenu aerobnim putem. Koristi se u vrtlarstvu, hortikulturi i agrokilturi kao oplemenjivač zemljišta i đubrivo.

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Grad Nation: 5 Tips for the Class of 2018 (High School Edition)

The United States high school graduation rate reached an all time high of 83% in 2014/2015 school year and in 2016.  Many credit the surge in highly targeted US social programs and initiatives aimed at improving graduation among low-income and underserved students.  988 more words

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Inspiring Dr. Chadwick Boseman Howard University Quotes

Just a little inspiration for you beautiful people out there.

“Purpose is an essential element of you….your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill…the struggles along the way are only meant to shape you for your purpose..”

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Graduating Sweet

May through June many eager students finish their credits and classes to finally break free the holds of a school and receive a diploma verifying their achievements and training that they spent years trying to obtain.   487 more words


Three Ways to Win Post-Grad

You’re here. You’ve spent four years studying, working, and planning, to end up in the criminally under-discussed “Post-Grad Black Hole.” Many students sleep easier at night thinking that if you spend that extra hour in the library, the ultimate dream job with great benefits and a competitive starting salary will magically find its way into your LinkedIn inbox, but at… 408 more words


What is the Next Step?

So what is the next step for you?

Honestly this is the question I’ve grown to really hate in the last year. Before this past semester it was just an annoyance. 342 more words