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"Timecop" | Movie Review

Grade (A-)

“Timecop” starred of course; Van Damme, as well as Ron Silver, Mia Sara, Gloria Rueben and Bruce McGill. It was directed by Peter Hyams who also directed some entertaining films like “Running Scared” and “The Presidio”. 783 more words

Pure Sci-Fi

"Lethal Weapon 2" | Movie Review

Grade (A-)

An excellent sequel to an all-time classic original, this film bolstered a fun story-line as well as Gibson and Glover reuniting to continue building on their legacy of great onscreen duo’s. 652 more words

Action Comedies

"Edge of Darkness" | Movie Review

Grade (A-)

Mel Gibson proves he can still provide a range of emotions to a character in this intriguing crime-drama that holds your interest throughout… 701 more words

Crime Thrillers