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Friends of 15 Years

It’s a pretty neat thing to say you’re still friends with the same girls that you went to Kindergarden with. For my friends and I, that means we’ve known each other for 15 years and have been friends throughout it all. 208 more words

Summer '14

My People

This is a post I should have made on July 6th from the airplane on my way home from Chicago.  I am a bit late in posting, but it is no less heart felt. 405 more words


10 Cities That Stole My Friends

These are 10 of the many places that have stolen my closest friends over the years; created with Google Maps.

Newport Beach

The words stung, they stuck like the black tar beneath my sole. I could feel the tears forming, waiting for the perfect moment, but no. I walked to the first person I could find and get to. 247 more words


Florida Visit Brings Best Friends Together

I’m spending some well needed vacation time down in Florida right now. I’m visiting all of my Florida family and just today got to visit my best friend of 17 years (since we were 10 years old), Amber Acocelli (Now Amber Dedmon). 59 more words