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goals for senior year.

It’s that time of year again! The car is packed, tank is full, and navigator has been set. It’s time to make this Memphis to Kent journey for one of the last times. 1,361 more words


UK Grading Scale is #strange

#UK grading is so WEIRD. 🙄

So in US,
60 – pass🙁
75 – average😓
80 – Good🙂
90 – Excellent😁

In UK (as the #university explains it): 96 more words

Study Abroad

Grades are just grades!

So, matric result was announced today. Honestly speaking, I had never intended to dedicate an entire post to it until I got my own which was quite unforgettable but right now, I don’t want to share anything about it but I know exactly how it feels. 201 more words


Where To Revise

At first, this sounds pretty obvious! However, where your revision takes place can heavily influence how productive your revision sessions are. This can be down to some places having loads of distractions from things you may never expect and other places not being suitable due to some of the reasons mentioned below. 347 more words


How To Deal With The Feeling Of Being Overwhelmed

When you finally pluck up the motivation to get revising, you may soon feel overwhelmed at the huge amount of revision which is put upon us. 376 more words