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I let my grades define my self-worth

Here’s my education story…

Let’s start this off by saying I loved school as a child! I was one of those students that would be described as the ‘shy’, ‘quiet’ or ‘teacher’s pet’ one and for the most part that was true. 1,111 more words

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Teachable Moments in the MWS Parking Lot

In this sweet excerpt from our 2020 alumni panel, alumna Marissa Meyer (class of 2020) explains how her eighth grade teacher used a parent’s flat tire in the school parking lot to help bring their study of the Industrial Revolution to life. 21 more words


A Puppet Show in Spanish

To practice comprehension and review vocabulary with MWS third graders, our Spanish instructor Maestra Pineda created this lovely felt puppet show for her students. Follow along as grandma, grandpa, dad, and the whole family try to pull a giant carrot from the ground. 20 more words


I'm a high school dropout...

Now, I’m not encouraging anyone to leave school.

It was something I’ve always regretted doing. I had my reasons and I believed it was the right thing to do at that time. 803 more words


Found this piece of writing in my old drafts. A lot has considerably changed since then and now. When I got a distinction in my forensics final at end of last year, I was happy, but my parents’ happiness for it didn’t affect me. 986 more words


Grades Mean Nada!

I realized today…that part of me that teachers tried to develop has long since ceased to breathe. The seed they planted has dried up and withered. 171 more words