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Considering Emotions ("Hard Times" Book 3)

Question:  What do you think the significance of the hole’s name that Stephen fell into is?  Does “Old Hell Shaft” have any symbolic meaning behind it?  305 more words

Marcel Pontbriand: Hard Times and Reprinted Pieces By CHARLES DICKENS Chapter 3 Part 1



part 1

Mr. Gradgrind walked homeward from the school, in a state of considerable satisfaction.  It was his school, and he intended it to be a model.  1,739 more words

Charles Dickens

The top 7 questions I want answered about BuzzFeed

  1. Why does it do such a poor job of providing free resources to help children learn how to read?
  1. What is BuzzFeed doing to provide an engaging and well-curated browsing experience, akin to the best retail environments?
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Progressives take lessons from 'Downton Abbey'

George Will  writes:  Many “Downton Abbey” watchers are nostalgia gluttons who grieved when Lord Grantham lost his fortune in Canadian railroad shares. There are, however, a discerning few whose admirable American sensibilities caused them to rejoice at Grantham’s loss: “Now perhaps this amiable but dilettantish toff will get off his duff and get a job.” 407 more words


They just keep topping themselves

A truly mean-spirited editorial at the Gleaner in a month notable for vinegar. Called, I kid you not, “Nose to the Grindstone” (link for subscribers). 263 more words


Back to Life

So, I’m back from fall break and feeling the burn. I had a wonderful time in Edmonton with my gf, but it’s time to get back to the grind.   322 more words

Grad School

Hard Times Indeed

I actually hate Charles Dickens. 

I don’t mean I dislike his writing, even though I usually do. It’s long-winded, cutesy, pandering, and sappy. In many instances, it’s  2,370 more words