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Considering Emotions ("Hard Times" Book 3)

Question:  What do you think the significance of the hole’s name that Stephen fell into is?  Does “Old Hell Shaft” have any symbolic meaning behind it?  305 more words

Marcel Pontbriand: Hard Times and Reprinted Pieces By CHARLES DICKENS Chapter 3 Part 1



part 1

Mr. Gradgrind walked homeward from the school, in a state of considerable satisfaction.  It was his school, and he intended it to be a model.  1,739 more words

Charles Dickens

Progressives take lessons from 'Downton Abbey'

George Will  writes:  Many “Downton Abbey” watchers are nostalgia gluttons who grieved when Lord Grantham lost his fortune in Canadian railroad shares. There are, however, a discerning few whose admirable American sensibilities caused them to rejoice at Grantham’s loss: “Now perhaps this amiable but dilettantish toff will get off his duff and get a job.” 407 more words


They just keep topping themselves

A truly mean-spirited editorial at the Gleaner in a month notable for vinegar. Called, I kid you not, “Nose to the Grindstone” (link for subscribers). 263 more words


Back to Life

So, I’m back from fall break and feeling the burn. I had a wonderful time in Edmonton with my gf, but it’s time to get back to the grind.   322 more words

Grad School

Hard Times Indeed

I actually hate Charles Dickens. 

I don’t mean I dislike his writing, even though I usually do. It’s long-winded, cutesy, pandering, and sappy. In many instances, it’s  2,370 more words

The Prudishness of an English Baccalaureate

Piece for The Angle News.

The Education Secretary Michael Gove often argues that only the competition of a wild free market orgy should determine failure and success, not an invisible hand of government. 436 more words