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Gradgrind – someone who is patently and usually as a matter of outspoken policy marked by a materialistic and philistine outlook; an uninspired and assiduous seeker after facts; one solely interested in cold, hard facts;  one who relies solely on scientific measurements and observable facts without taking human nature into consideration; … 36 more words


Freud's Wolf Man and Joyce's Dubliners

It’s hard to read Freud’s case histories of the Rat Man (1909) and the Wolf Man (1918) and not be fascinated. Most intriguing of all is how Freud slowly pieces together the patient’s unconscious backstory using what little the patient gives him, small memories that have stuck with the patient for some reason: he was holding his mother’s hand as a toddler, and she was lamenting her illness to a doctor she was seeing off at the train station, and her words made a deep impression; he was standing with his governess in front of the house watching a carriage drive off with his father, mother, and sister, and then walked peacefully back into the house with his governess; there was a picture book with a wolf standing upright that his sister had used to frighten him. 626 more words

Cultural History

Week of 9/21: Time, the European Lens and the Telling of History

This week the application of philosophical theory to history centered on the French Annales school and the methodology of Fernand Braudel. Fernand Braudel, studying Phillip II’s Mediterranean policy in 1923, embarked on an all encompassing narrative of the Mediterranean that was inclusive of analogies from anthropology, geography, geology and botany thus developing into his thesis that he defended in 1947 at the Sorbonne (Fernand Braudel, … 1,008 more words


Week of 9/14: Seeing All Kinds of Red (and Some Blue)

The second week of grad school means the first full week of classes … four in total. One of the classes I decided to take is called Historical Crossings.  787 more words


Week of 9/9: Reality Check!


It’s the first week of grad school and it has certainly been a wake up call. 558 more words


Changes ...

It’s been a while … a long while. Not because I have been neglectful, just extremely hard at work to achieve something that was put into motion when Lauryn Hill was first singing about that “Doo Wop Thing.” This fall I am beginning my history PhD studies at Brown University. 101 more words