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Gradgrind and the problem of legless horses

Gradgrind came to epitomise Victorian school teachers. Victorian school teachers were sharply focused on facts. Facts appeared to offer certainty and, even better, they could be tested. 607 more words


Your SCHEEME is Rad Man

I’ve been putting my mind to the whole notion of innovation lately. It’s really easily to jump on board the innovation bandwagon. As this train departs the station I can, hand on heart, say I was an early passenger. 1,411 more words

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Gradgrind – someone who is patently and usually as a matter of outspoken policy marked by a materialistic and philistine outlook; an uninspired and assiduous seeker after facts; one solely interested in cold, hard facts;  one who relies solely on scientific measurements and observable facts without taking human nature into consideration; … 36 more words