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Gradients *Poetry Review*

People tend to  view the world in compartments and brackets. They tend to see the world in extremes. Like black and white. However, they fail to realize that the shifting sands of time can color the view in various hues and unfortunately these gradients go unnoticed. 

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Red Pill / Blue Pill

Which will you choose?

A picture of two paths amongst many at the garden of the royal palace, La Granja, Spain. Red-blue gradient applied during post-processing.


Don't Just Live-- Dye!

I have a collection of Wollmeise lace yarn that is several times beyond SABLE, a useful acronym in knitting jargon that breaks out to “Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy.” I use this yarn exclusively by choice and necessity, since I have so much that I can’t consider buying other kinds of yarn. 2,596 more words

[css] gradient 

Linear gradientsbackground: linear-gradient(yellow, red);

background: linear-gradient(to bottom right, orange, red);

background: linear-gradient(20deg, orange, red);

Radial gradients one color starting from a central point and fading to another color… 6 more words


Bargain Product Review: Lori Cosmetic Wedges

These cosmetic wedges I get from Dollarama. There are 24 in a package for $1.25 CAD which is an excellent price. They are latex free and hypoallergenic, which is great if you have any allergies- better safe than sorry! 183 more words

【DesignHubs】天然雕飾 ● Crystal Series

韓藉年輕設計師Sae-rom Yoon其最新作品水晶系列(Crystal Series) ,用上光學原理,令顔色透過光線折射及折射產生了一種極為自然的漸變。因為不同角度的反射和折射,將多種顏色混合,所以作品就像天然雕飾。

水晶系列是由染色亞克力樹脂(dyed acrylic resin) 製成,在此作品的過程中,設計師直在接亞克力樹脂表面染色,當染色材料在融化之後再次被粘合起來,亞克力樹脂表面看上去就像重疊起來,從而產生了充滿層次的顏色。過程讓人們看到自然的顏色,而非人工的顏色。