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Gradient Print

These are one of these projects that I like to do in my spare time. I like creating prints here and there for wallpaper and background work. 23 more words

Bipartite networks are not sampled well.

There is a whole sub-genre of the ecological network literature working on elucidating “the structure” of bipartite networks (parasite/host, pollinator/plant, …). I am, of course, guilty of contributing a few papers to this genre. 488 more words

Data Mining

3-D Circle Design

I swear I come up with simple designs and this one was one of those. All I did was created a gradient background with white and light gray, placed white circles around the Adobe Illustrator artboard, copied the circles and made the same gradient pattern like the background, laid purple and gray circles on top of the white circles, copied those and did a gradient pattern and laid them on top of the colored circles, added my logo and TA-DA! 9 more words

Gradient Sunset Design

This is another design I made inspired by the sunset. This one was fairly easy to do. I created this piece on Adobe Illustrator. Took a rectangle and sampled sunset colors to create a gradient. 36 more words

French Press Technical Illustration

This was a very long project, starting with some basic sketches of the object to be done and ultimately producing a realistic technical illustration¬†in Illustrator of the object “exploded,” that is, with all of its parts visible. 391 more words

Graphic Design

Spring Out of Darkness

After a long dark Winter, bright flowers shine a light in Spring.

Graphic Design

Just a Whisper

“Just a whisper. I hear it in my ghost.” Motoko Kusanagi