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Two times I nearly quit Law School and one time I finally understood why I didn't

On surviving Law School, a culture of not being good enough and celebrating selection, and remembering why I started.

What brought me to Law School was one simple wish: I wanted the ability to be strong for people who were currently not in a position to do so for themselves. 2,960 more words

(11) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

While pop is considered cheesy and quite frankly pretty basic stuff, rap is the poetry of the less educated and metal is generally just a lot of angry shouting with no real talent. 202 more words

NTPRS 2017 Resources

Here are links to my Thursday and Friday NTPRS presentations, and related posts for a) those who attended and are interested in reading more, b) 104 more words

Teaching With Compelling CI

Training & grading with Sensei Bob Rhodes, 18 Oct 17

We’re delighted to be hosting Sensei Bob Rhodes, 8th Dan again for another Senshi Karate training and grading. Please note, this will be in place of our… 50 more words

Varsity: From Letter Grades to Letter Winners

As another baseball season concludes, I reflect on our team highlights and individual heroics that will become hometown lore, and inevitably, relive several “what-if?” scenarios, as if we could go back and choose new outcomes. 671 more words


(10) If Lyrics Were Read As Prose

The Spice Girls idea seemed a popular one but it left me with the difficult task of choosing which one. I’ve learned a few things from researching the lyrics. 246 more words