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(7) If Song Lyrics Were Read As Prose

Since I’m back in my flat and I have no excuse other than being totally exhausted from all the over time I’ve been pulling at work, it’s time for me to get back to marking other people’s “hard” work. 125 more words

Summer Grades, and the Drinking's Easy

At lunchtime squirting and stirring the purple energy concentrate into the ice water from breakfast, having woken up too early thanks to the housebroken though leaky diapered beagle pup (we suffer his rare condition despite the studies that say the surgery’s so expensive and unreliable you might as well put the dog down), I feel the first kick of that mindset so treasured among chronic graders of papers: the wired, heady resolve to blast through the payload–a mere near-week after the deadline–while knowing dead-certain this effort will last the weekend–and then, bless it, starts two weeks of summer camp for the littlun. 60 more words


First Grading Under Our Belt!


On June 1st our first grading session took place and for all it was a huge success.

Students, Becky, Dean, Austin and Martin all passed with flying colours. 90 more words

Ju Jitsu

Blue signifies heaven

For those of you that don’t know what Tae Kwon Do is it’s a self defence martial art from Korea. Literally meaning hand and foot. For more information and see where your nearest class is (UK) follow this link: 744 more words



Join me on my narrative musings of my travels to, during, and from my second AP grading journey in Tampa, FL!

I suppose the trip really started the day before, on the highway, my 2007 Suzuki Reno sputtering and squelching down to a laborsome roll. 1,215 more words


Sabermetrics and Grades

I’m a huge baseball fan, having played the game from six years old through college and watched it all my life. During those years, one of the more interesting developments has been the rise of interest in sabermetrics, an innovative attempt at empirically analyzing in-game activities to measure success. 1,138 more words

Classical Christian Education

Grading - A Cinderella Story?

Every year, I have an internal debate. Usually, to my spouse’s dismay, this becomes an external debate as well. I will happily argue in the streets with anyone who makes even the slightest eye contact. 572 more words