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A Grading Adventure with Meg Van

I get to read essays! Finally! Background info, first off: I am technically not grading the students nor giving them “marks” (so British) for their work. 490 more words

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Professional Discussions

When I was in college my professors warned against extended stays in the teacher’s room, and for a long time I avoided this meeting place, but recently, I have been spending a lot of time there. 762 more words


Certified vs. Non-Certified Diamonds

When buying a diamond more than likely you will run into certified as well as non-certified diamonds. The question is which one should you buy? Let me start off by telling you exactly what a diamond certification is. 552 more words

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Friday5 : Grades & the Baggage They Carry

During a leadership team meeting recently, the discussion became boisterous when the topic of discussion – looking at the number of failing grades on the last progress report – led to someone to ask a question about the “power of a zero.” Those not in education may not realize the contentiousness of such an idea, unless they have children and have seen the power of a zero in action. 819 more words

"best Of The Best"


Soaking in the tub so long that you’re terrified of allowing your shoulders to break the water’s surface, fearing the chill you know will follow, is my idea of an escape. 15 more words


Teacher Showcase: Digital Grading with Ali Knowles

Ali Knowles makes sure that if you visit her office at Southview, you get candy. The Reese’s peanut butter cup I choose just adds to the comfort of the office and the band room it joins. 966 more words

Teacher Showcase

Building a Paver Patio

One of my  “successful” DIY projects was a paver patio I built when I was living in Chesapeake Virginia. In fact, you can still see the results of my handiwork on Google Earth. 3,270 more words