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Schools Are Places Where Some Students Feel Like Failures.

Schools are places where some students feel like failures.

This is not an indictment of the good people – faculty and staff – in our schools who devote their lives to the mission of helping children. 208 more words


Bring Forth What Is Within You

Must be quickish tonight. Tomorrow is the first day of a new semester. I have pushed off the desperate grading in order to get ready for the new semester, and the new semester is upon me in a matter of a few short hours. 68 more words


Participation, or Speaking & Listening?

We all want student participation. After all, we know that students who are more engaged  are more likely to succeed in class.

At a recent Humanities department meeting, this commitment to participation was clear when my colleagues shared their grading schemes. 206 more words


A Monster of a Draft (Part One)

Join the Program in Writing and Rhetoric’s very own Kimberly Towers-Kubik as she delves into the belly of the beast: the draft. How should one assign drafts? 887 more words

Teaching Writing

Assessment Terms and Definitions

Definition of Terms

  • Evaluation – Judging the value of evidence based on definite criteria. Behaviors related to evaluation include: concluding, criticizing, prioritizing, and recommending. (Bloom, 1956)
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Save Time and Go Home Early with this Simple Grading Tip

I sit here in the middle of grading somehow making time to blog. (This is probably why I’m so behind on grading as it is, but I digress.) 357 more words


Grad School Nightmares

Even when I am on break, I spend a lot of time thinking about grad school. It seeps under my skin, I dream about it, etc., but, as of last night, it is officially causing nightmares. 286 more words