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That's Not How It Works

It’s one thing to delete a question from your lab assignment, it’s a nothing to delete a whole chart that you are supposed to draw the steps of the cell cycle on…..


What is a Grade?

I get asked about grading and assessment often enough to know that our modern minds do not know how to deal with the issue well.  From some type of cosmic game show to a quantitative evaluation of a person’s worth, misunderstanding in this area is rampant.  704 more words

Staff Development

Sabermetrics and Grades

I’m a huge baseball fan, having played the game from six years old through college and watched it all my life. During those years, one of the more interesting developments has been the rise of interest in sabermetrics, an innovative attempt at empirically analyzing in-game activities to measure success. 1,138 more words

Classical Christian Education

I do not want to grade: a tribute to Dr. Seuss

I’m fortunate enough to be at an institution on the quarter system, and one that starts early enough in September that by this time of year grading is a distant memory. 255 more words


Aikido November 2017 Grading - part 1

Event: Aikido Tenshindo Wellington Grading
When: 18 November 2017
Where: Aikido Tenshindo Wellington, 2 Bell Road, Brooklyn, Wellington.

6th & 5th Kyu

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Talking to Myself

I’m on a perpetual loop during final grading. Here’s a good example.

(If you read this and worry that I could be suffering from split personalities- 221 more words


End of Year Gradings - 2017

Final grading of 2017

What a way to finish the year! Congratulations to all students who were successful in completing their kyu grade tests with strength, stamina and strong technique! 208 more words