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No, you don't have a D in my class.

As I continue my journey trying to deemphasize grades in my high school Biology classes, I am finding that I must constantly encourage my students to change the way they approach learning and understanding. 926 more words

Teaching Methods

9/22/16: Daily Post

Yesterday was a long day, but I managed to get a few things done.

First, I tutored at Magdalena almost the entire day.  Tutoring went well, and I had fun.   192 more words

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Walkaway Dress

It’s taken me a lot longer than planned to get around to a new blog post… no excuses, I’ve just been distracted by new projects! 285 more words


Quick Formative Assessments

I was a teacher who loved data. However, I hated hand grading, and who can blame anyone for not wanting to sit on their couch after school trying to grade a bunch of papers??? 91 more words


The Struggling Student

Before I started in Faculty Development, I was the course coordinator for the large lecture public speaking class. In my third year, I abandoned the midterm and final for a series of low-risk open-book quizzes students took through Blackboard. 479 more words

Avoiding the Black Hole of Grade Appeals


Students rush to exit the room except for one, who approaches the lectern gripping a paper, eyes bulging.


Professor, why is this a B+ instead of an A-? 492 more words

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9/18/16: Daily Post

Yesterday, I started out my morning by biking 7.03 miles to pick up my truck, which I had left at Cottonwood Mall a few days earlier.   163 more words