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Things I've Changed This Year

When I think back on my first five years of teaching, I can identify big initiatives that I took and tried each year.

  • My first year – well, it was my first year, everything was new.
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What to Do?

Umm, I won’t have any papers to review until August.  That’s 2.5 months without any papers to review.  It’s been 8 years since I haven’t had a steady supply of papers to review, summers and other breaks included. 24 more words


Grading Results 01/2016


Congratulations to all those who passed!!!!!

Note : Sensei Azlimmi has informed admin that this is NOT the official list because there are still some students students who has not graded (Phase 2) and there are some incomplete names. 33 more words


A Simple Histogram Software (Libre Calc File) for Course Grading

After a long time, I am writing a new post on this blog. This is the first long vacation I am having after my PhD. So, I thought about learning a little bit more about spreadsheets. 80 more words


"60% of The Time, It Works Every Time" - Overcoming A Disappointing Day

A wise Scouse man once told me when you wake up you should “start your day on a 10”, meaning always be optimistic. Begin the day with enthusiasm, drive and positivity at its maximum, so that if it decreases you can still have something left. 1,316 more words


#222: Why I Am Happy

Poet and teacher of mine from a long way back, Peter Sears, taught me about a thing called poetry by corruption, whereby you, the writer, take a poem that you like and just simply and with impunity steal things from it, or, steal it wholesale except for some words or phrases you’ve blanked out from the original and then replaced with your own stuff. 174 more words


Teachers Do It All. No Seriously. All.

In these past few months I have vacillated between moments of loving my kids, my job,my school,  my classes, my creative assignments, my lessons, my coworkers, and other days loathing the idea of getting up in the morning. 908 more words

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