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Syllabus Design #2: Pick What Counts

Grading and Course Design

The work that we expect students to do directly follows from outcomes. But you still have to decide how much to weigh testing and writing. 354 more words


“Everyone’s in grading mode and I’m in like ‘play around with techniques’ mode.”

“I’m in ‘What is Jiu Jitsu?’ mode.”

“I’m in ‘How do you get from uchi mata to kata guruma?’ mode.” 9 more words

The Misadventures of Jynx the Kitten, Chapter Four: Jynx "Helps" with Grading Papers, and Discovers a New Talent

This is the last day of Spring Break, and grades for the third quarter are due tomorrow, so it should surprise no one that I’m grading papers. 451 more words


Vol.#84: "Is This A Grade?" [Infographic]

They say there is no such this as a bad question, but, “Is this a grade?” makes me think otherwise. This is one of my least favorite questions of all time, and teachers are asked this by students often. 132 more words


More bourbon, fewer douchebags

I woke up to an email from Heath, who sometimes sends me blog ideas or anything he thinks I’ll like. This picture he sent me last night would have been perfect for a NYE post, but I think it still applies. 182 more words


Thoughts on How to Improve Assessment of Student Writing

Week three’s reading from Blendkit 2015 was all about assessment. Being the humanities, liberal-artsy person that I am, my mind lingered on blended assessments of subjective, critical thinking. 559 more words

Blended Learning

State Of The Union Penned By A High School Sophomore

I’ve graded many, many papers in my day. I’ve grading work written by freshmen to seniors in high school and I’ve read some really solid material. 239 more words