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Individual Homework on SAITO (part 3)

Clicking the Details philleme on the homework selection form gets you to this form. The intent was to allow someone to select movements from taught forms (in the style the student is majoring in) or from qigong sets; define an order by good choices of the sequence; define the desired number of repeats (repetitions)  and give an indication of how frequently the series is to be done. 30 more words

Key to Common Grading Feedback

Here’s a list of my commonly used ENG 0900 grading phrases and what they mean; those in blue are grammar and writing related and those in pink are structure, organization, or thesis related. 390 more words

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Video Example: Coca Cola

This is an example of exemplary colour grading. The pull of the reds and blues, combined with high contrast and low-key lighting accentuates the sense of intimacy and sensuality of the scenes. 94 more words


Homework Questions: In Search of the Answer Key

Every hour of the school day, a number of students hustle into my classroom, focused, and eager to get to work. Before the bell rings to indicate the start of my class, students are already invested in their studies. 708 more words




Realizing the bottleneck in our examination system, a lot of thinking along with deliberate efforts to bring about examination reform has been the feature of post-independence Indian education. 2,918 more words

Thoughts on getting good marks, from someone who does not always get good marks

After an undergraduate degree at McGill University and most of a masters at the University of Leeds (I include the links because some of you may have just thought, … 779 more words