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Starting a new project

The start of a new project is often full of questions. This series of posts will take us through various areas of the Spring framework from the point of view of starting a project through to completing a simple messaging system backed by RabbitMQ. 1,680 more words


Add variable to BuildConfig

android {
    buildTypes {
        debug {
            buildConfigField "int", "FOO", "42"
            buildConfigField "String", "FOO_STRING", "\"foo\""
            buildConfigField "boolean", "LOG", "true"

        release {
            buildConfigField "int", "FOO", "52"
            buildConfigField "String", "FOO_STRING", "\"bar\""
            buildConfigField "boolean", "LOG", "false"

Some Use cases of Annotations

In our previous post, we understand what annotation is, and how to create our custom annotations. Now we will try to understand how and when we can use annotation. 304 more words


Step By Step : Build and Run Kafka in Eclipse IDE + [ Scala || Java ] + Gradle

As a coder, we are more comfortable with the editor tools (specially Eclipse IDE) for rapid development , build & continuous integration. When first time I was trying to develop some Kafka producer and consumer using Scala, I was wondering if I could setup the same through eclipse to make life easier, however after a lot of hit and trial finally able to setup and successfully executed my first program. 333 more words

Creating a pipeline in GoCD

If you haven’t installed GoCD yet, you can follow the GoCD Installation Guide to install the GoCD Server and at least one GoCD Agent. This is a good point to stop and learn about the first concept in GoCD. 1,011 more words

Spring MVC ... primer ejemplo (REST)

Para este ejemplo crearemos una base de datos (yo uso postgresql) llamada proyecto, agregaremos una tabla usuario con los siguientes campos: id, nombre, password, logeado y area. 2,569 more words

Spring MVC

¿Qué es Spring Framework?

Es un marco de trabajo que se apoya en algunos estándares Java EE para el desarrollo de aplicaciones y contenedor de inversión de control. 919 more words