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‚A Year Into Being an Adult OR What I Learned From the 1st Year Of My Grad Programme'

The saying goes that you should write about the things you know. And well, I know how to grad-programme and having just reached the one year mark of my two year programme, I wanted to share some of the hard won lessons. 716 more words


The Webster Awards

The Webster Awards for Excellence in Journalism were inspiring, and exciting, and just a little bit hopeful. I got to attend them with my classmates, and the whole thing gave me a window into the vast world of journalism – into the community, the traditions, how journalists live their lives, and why. 296 more words

College Graduates in US - Which skills employers are looking for

When hiring recent college graduates, employers say they place the greatest priority on a demonstrated proficiency in skills and knowledge that cut across majors. Written and oral communication skills, teamwork skills, ethical decision-making, critical thinking skills, and the ability to apply knowledge in real-world settings are the most highly valued among the 17 skills and knowledge areas tested. 24 more words


Grads in Canada - The impact of further studies

By field of study, the largest difference in the employment rate for university degree-holders who completed further studies compared with those who did not was 8.2 percentage points for those who first studied physical and life sciences and technologies (78.1% versus 69.9%). 269 more words


Grads in Canada - Earnings increased for male in Engineering and for female Earnings increased for male postsecondary graduates in Engineering and for female in Health

In 2005, Canadian-born male and female bachelor’s degree holders aged 25 to 34 earned on average $65,400 and $46,500 (in 2012 dollars) in wages and salaries, respectively. 259 more words


Early twenties crisis


I am a recent college graduate with no job prospects in the future whatsoever and that is absolutely terrifying. Finally moving on from the little cocoon you’ve been living since you were six has been the most stressful transformation one can imagine. 542 more words

Marta De Castro

Yearbook Photo Dates

All ACSS Students:

Even celebrities had high school yearbook photos!

  • Photo Day: Friday, September 18th, 2015!
    • Everyone needs to have a photo taken. This will be used for both your Go Card/Library Card and your yearbook photo.
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