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An Intern's Perspective: Getting More Than You Expected

Author: Megan Reuter
Major: WLC Adult Accelerated Program, Business Management & Leadership
Internship Company: Wisconsin Lutheran College

I took an internship because I needed one credit and my advisor told me that I could do an internship as a Business Management & Leadership Senior Mentor. 197 more words



At some point and time, we all leave the nest (so to speak).  Eventually, we all leave the safety of home, where we are recognized, where people know us and know what we are capable of.   1,130 more words

Graduate School

Currently seeking internship, graduate or work experience opportunities in the computer and electronic engineering field

I am currently seeking work experience internships or graduate employment opportunities to further my career. You will see from my Linkedin profile that I am presently in the final semester of a Masters of Engineering (Electronic and Computer) with Advanced Studies at Griffith University Nathan Campus in Brisbane. 92 more words

Electrical Engineering

Welcome WVU Pathologists' Assistant Graduate Program Class of 2017

At the risk of sounding like I never made it out of the 90’s, I’ll admit that the following floated through my mind day one of Orientation: 623 more words

Graduate School

Tổng hợp cơ hội Management Trainee, GDP,... 2016+

Mình tổng hợp lại một số cơ hội tốt sau khi ra trường để mọi người tiện follow nhé (các chương trình mình sẽ update thường xuyên): 251 more words

Graduate Program

Recent Graduates

Congratulations to Scott Crans for finishing his MS on “Spinosad: Efficacy and persistence against container-inhabiting mosquitoes” under Dr.  Robson and to Alexandra Villiard for finishing her Ph.D. 30 more words

Biosensors and Grad Life

Back in early November, I had the privilege of sitting down and speaking to a couple of PhD graduate students, Christopher Uhl and Yu Song, who are both in the Bioengineering  Program here at Lehigh University. 519 more words