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Graduate Program vs Entry Level Jobs

If you have studied or are studying in an Australian university, it is quite likely that you are familiarise with these two terminologies.

 A graduate program lasts around one to two years, during which a graduate often has the opportunity to rotate amongst various business areas and receive targeted and well-structured training and development before transitioning towards a permanent full-time employee of the company. 412 more words

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Final Project: Pride Global Management

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UVI Graduate Student Explores Seagrasses' Relationship With Carbon

Essential to life on Earth

Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe. As we may remember from high school science, most carbon is stored in rocks, the rest can be found in the ocean, in plants, the atmosphere, and in fossil fuels. 483 more words


Content Community Platforms

Content community platforms give different organizations the opportunity to find those who possess a strong level of interest in a particular subject a forum where he or she can voice their opinions around like minded people.   677 more words


Spring 2017 Graduate Courses

ENG 551: Postcolonial Literary Theory and Texts
Dr. Colleen Clemens| Online

By the end of this session, students in ENG 550 should have a better understanding of the basic concepts and theories of postcolonial theory. 413 more words

Graduate Program

Microplastics impact our environment and our lives.

Plastic Never Disappears

Since the early 1900’s, plastic has become a part of our everyday lives; some are useful and beneficial to us such as reusable water bottles and tupperware. 776 more words


Snapchat: 10 Seconds of Influence

Snapchat is a social media network that has become extremely powerful to different businesses and brands particularly in publicity and communication. Snapchat provides brands with the opportunity to provide insight into the day to day on goings of their company and share it with their followers. 883 more words