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Spring Semester: Done

The end of the term. . . finally.

The spring term is a notoriously breathless run from January through to April every year. The semester starts a bit early down here, and it is relatively unbroken by vacation days. 395 more words


Letting Go, and Letting in Change 01/15

Originally written back in Jan 2015.

I’ve been thinking a lot about loss and change today. At 10:30 Wednesday morning we finished packing up my roommate in a Penske truck. 690 more words

Graduate School

The Internal Struggle of Graduate School

You’ll notice I’ve been MIA for the last few days. The truth is that I have been MIA in all aspects of my life for the last few days. 236 more words


I'm Back! and other things...

Why hello there :)

So this post is very long overdue. Well actually more like incredibly long overdue. There’s really no excuse, I don’t know exactly why but I have just lacked so much motivation in doing much of anything outside of the things that I absolutely must do (i.e. 327 more words


Planting the Seeds

As a teacher, I have learned to expect the unexpected. Leaning in over my desk, he almost whispered his question to me. Had I gone to college? 449 more words


7 tips for a successful summer writing group

Writing in the summer months can be either absolutely glorious or completely burdensome. It depends on who you are, but I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. 547 more words

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On Losing Identity

Not knowing what to with life after deciding to to pursue SETI/grad. school. Figuring out life. losing identity.

It’s tough trying to decide on another route after you figure out that the one that you’ve been telling people for so long isn’t quite as feasible as you once thought. 193 more words