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Metamorphosis: From Undergrad to Graduate

I am one day away from my classes and my graduate assistantship. I am freaking out inside and am, of course, wondering if I am cut-out for this. 528 more words

Graduate School

Graduate School Anxiety

Whether you are just beginning your program or are mid way through it (like me!),
you’re going to have anxieties about the upcoming semester.Being that I just got done with my fourth semester and I only have two weeks before my next semester starts, I thought I would discuss nursing graduate school anxieties that we grad students feel at the end/beginning of a semester. 499 more words


The Start of Something New

Hi peeps!

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about anything crazy here, just the start of the new semester. Since the summer is officially over (at least here in NC) I figure it’s about time to get on a  294 more words

4 things you'll learn during your first week of grad school

At least, four things I learned during my first week of grad school.

1. It does matter what you wear. For most of us straight out of a liberal arts undergrad, this is the first time we’ve had to dress up to go to school. 1,160 more words

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So I'm Studying to Earn an MFA

This summer I began a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program. In keeping with the advice that I give to my students in my Building Your Author Platform class (advice from Austin Kleon’s book… 700 more words

Graduate School

Week One of Year 2 - Crazier than Ever and Always a-Learnin'!

I’ve experienced MANY “Week Ones” of college semesters in my life. In fact, if my math is right (and math is not my strongest suit), I believe this year marks my TWENTIETH “Week One.” And while all “Week Ones” share common traits, every “Week One” is different. 1,480 more words


Final Semester of Grad School

I started back to work with an inservice week and then the kids returned last Monday. My last two graduate school classes started last Monday too. 198 more words