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the case for graduate school

if you’re reading the blog daily (today would be day four, in case you lost track) you are getting a sense that i am thinking of a million different topics to write about before i explain why i’ve been labeled “half part hippie/half part hip hop diva” by friends and coworkers.   504 more words


Dissertation Days (33): On the Cusp

Well, today wasn’t a terribly productive day. Had a bit of a gall bladder attack last night that really disturbed my sleep, so I’ve been a bit out of it all day. 383 more words

Epic Film

The Blue Volleyball

To me, there is little more comforting than a warm cup of coffee. I have my coffee pot set to brew five minutes before my morning alarm goes off. 769 more words

10 Micro-Struggles Only Grad Students Can Understand

 1. You have to get to know an entirely new schoolAnd city. And life. That sh*t is hard. You get lost consistently for the first month before you realize the city is built on a grid and all your classes are on the third floor of the building. 442 more words

Virtual Coaching

Debt-Free Scholars, LLC (DFS) has expanded services to include virtual coaching.  This service has allowed DFS to provide support and information to several students and families. 15 more words

Summer Break is Near

I’ve completed one of my classes! Not sure of my overall grade yet though, since I just submitted my final synthesis paper yesterday. I actually enjoyed that class, as the assignments were diverse and interesting, but I’m glad it’s over and I’m ready to move on. 199 more words

Me & My PhD Guilt

Somewhere along the line, I’ve forgotten to enjoy my PhD and the lifestyle it allows me. And I’ve come to the realization that the only thing standing between me and enjoying my PhD is my guilt complex. 1,076 more words