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#YAMediaSelfie: a reflection on LSC 531 thus far

The importance of reading and media in a young person’s life was clearly identified in Tully Barnett’s article “’Reading Saved Me’: Writing Autobiographically about Transformative Reading Experiences in Childhood.” Her research identified the role of literature in three influential memoirs; focusing on the transformative power of print media that helped shape them into the public figures they are today (Barnett, 2013). 1,475 more words


Responsibility of scientists towards society

As some of you may know, I currently dedicate my life to obtaining a PhD degree in Science and Technology. While I think it to be natural to be interested in society and politics as a scientist, most of my colleagues are not. 301 more words


ILP Humor

A day of tutoring at the ILP is never dull. From the moment I step into the classroom, I encounter plenty of jovial banter and laughter shared among the students and teachers. 139 more words


Higher Ground

As always, I am terrible at blogging.  I can’t tell you how many times I had a thought, an idea, or an event that made me WANT to write.  779 more words


To me, work is like long-distance running: you set your sites on reaching the next landmark, while keeping the final destination in mind.  Every goal-oriented project has steps.   165 more words

Week 7 Blog Post for CI 5530: 1 of 2

CI 5530 Web 2.0 & Social Media

Week 7: February 23-28

Post: 1 of 2


Weekly Video

It was frigid out there when I filmed this video. 251 more words


How to evaluate a graduate school admissions offer

It’s February and your first graduate school admissions offer has arrived. Perhaps the news is fantastic, or perhaps it is terrible. Perhaps it is somewhere in-between. 664 more words