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Graduate School

At the beginning of this beautiful summer, I started filling a three-ring binder with information about Rhetoric/Composition graduate school programs that I might consider applying to. 522 more words

Graduate School

Why am I a Scientist?

As I write this, I am approaching the completion of my Master of Science in Biology from Georgia State University and a mind-blowing rate.  Well, at least for me it is mind blowing, for many of those who have supported me through this may feel that it hasn’t come soon enough.   567 more words

Graduate School

Where is my husband? The Tale of the Missing Partner

After three full years of Michael in graduate school, I have learned the benefits and drawbacks of living with a full-time student. Some of the benefits are obvious: he can be around the house more, his summers are more flexible and allow him to do work around the house, and, most importantly, he loves his program and feels fulfilled in his career path. 457 more words



Today is a new day, and I want to write about it. Not because I have anything to say and not because I want anyone to read what I’ve said, but because I like words and want to put them into sentences and sometimes enjoying the process is just as important as what comes out. 1,398 more words

New Zealand

Classes start today

Thinking back on the last academic year, my focus has entirely shifted. I initially chose my grad program because I wanted to get a job in higher education; I thought of my degree as job training rather than an academic pursuit. 201 more words


Summer Reading

In my last semester of undergrad, several current grad and law students gave me some advice on how to spend my summer between undergrad and grad school: Read. 982 more words

WTF am I Spending My Money On in Graduate School

As most graduate students know, the stipend/fellowship given to us is just enough to live by. We work long and hard hours in our respective fields to come out with a Ph. 870 more words