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JBU Masters Program Embossed Brochure

Graduate school enrollment peaked during the Great Recession. Students who couldn’t find well paying jobs opted to get more education and wait for a bull labor market. 177 more words


My First Year of Law School Was Everything They Said It Would Be + More

I planned on attending law school for many years. Between my last year of undergrad and the beginning of law school, I worked with countless attorneys. 1,244 more words


The One With All The Good News

Y’all, what a weekend it has been!! I feel overworked, overstimulated, and exhausted, but I only have good news!


I have been looking for a job for awhile, I wanted something low stress and part time so I wouldn’t be too pressed while in school. 1,071 more words


Grad School

I just submitted my last paper of the Summer Quarter. The school that I attend is on the quarter system, which means that we attend classes all year round, even over the summer! 262 more words

Papers and Profanities

Does anyone else type a string of profanities into a Word Doc just because there is no other way to release the pressure when on a designated silent floor of the library?


Oh. Me, neither.

English Language Posts

New country, new everything

For those of you who have read my past 2 posts (mostly friends and family from home I’m guessing, howdy y’all), you know that the point of this blog is to be open and honest about my time in Sweden. 1,463 more words


The First Day of the Rest of My Life

The first day of the rest of my life.

I started my PhD this week.

Hold up! Let me say that again. My name is Sara and I started my PhD in neuroscience this week. 1,685 more words

Grad School