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My North American adventure, part 1

Last April I saw a call for papers for the History of Science Society conference in Toronto. I decided to try my luck and send in an abstract – I’m an MA student but my research is pretty advanced – I figured that the worst that can happen is that I’ll get a ‘no’. 1,390 more words

Hey Grad! So You're "Passionate About Research..."

Heads up: Your passion for research may not be a great reason to go to grad school. 

Undergraduate research became a “thing” about ten years ago. 886 more words

Post-Secondary Education

a typical day i guess

I usually try to wake up by 7 am.

If I can be awake by then, I can listen to BBC radio. The nice thing is that I can listen to it on my phone without even having to get out of bed. 841 more words


Why are you here? The definitive answer.

When you run out of things to say about Frank Zappa, folk art, and finding a job.

When you can’t even feign interest in your friend’s new restaurant opening. 65 more words


The Waiting Game

Yesterday my application to the MPH program I really want to get into was completed! Now we wait. They claim they get back within 2 weeks, we shall see.


This year I’m thankful for.... 

As I wrap up my first semester of graduate school at University College Dublin, I am reflecting on what it means to be thankful for every gift and opportunity. 473 more words


Despite what you may hear, you do have free time in PA school. It is limited and so very precious. My program did not do “system based learning” so we would have 3-4 tests one week and then the next week we might not have any tests! 634 more words