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Orals Tips

It’s that time again, my friends. One more post on things I’ve learned from grad school, this time on a specific academic subject. Since completing my orals was the greatest triumph of my life so far, I’m going to give you all some tips I’ve gleaned from the process! 3,903 more words


Bryan Senior Exhibition

Exhibition development is one of my primary career interests. Luckily, my placement at Burgh House allows me to develop skills relating to the planning of and execution of temporary displays. 260 more words

Graduate School

10 Reasons To Get Your MBA

1. Who doesn’t want another two years of college?

2. Because in undergrad they prohibited you from drinking, graduate school they encourage it. Have you ever been somewhere with an open bar? 332 more words

Phew...semester is over.

At last, my semester is over. I’ve turned in all my term papers, and I’m actually in the mood to do a little leisure writing. Amazing how writing for school kills all enthusiasm for blogging. 966 more words


5 Ways A Dog Makes Grad School Significantly Better

A few months before I started grad school, I met a woman at brunch with a mutual friend. She had just finished a master’s program in the same field I was going into, so I asked her if she had any advice. 352 more words

Tortilla, beans and cheese

Taco Bell (toxic hell) + coffee + 4 more hours of work = things could get dicey.

Graduate School