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Picking Apart Eminem's "Walk on Water": A Retrospective on Winding Down Grad School

Recently, I’ve been listening to Eminem’s “Walk on Water” featuring Beyoncé. I’ve uploaded the live SNL version featuring Skylar Grey.

This song shows a different side of him that we’re accustomed to hearing. 2,518 more words

Hello. It's Me.

Hi strangers!  It’s been a while.

I was planning to announce a short hiatus from my blog because I’m just burnt out from everything that’s been going on lately, but then I never got around to doing it.  448 more words


Just Noticeable

At the start of my career as a graduate student in audiology, we discussed a phenomenon called the JND or “just-noticeable-difference”. This is the smallest change in a stimulus that a person can detect half of the time. 185 more words

The Holy Spirit - Spirit Of Truth

The Wise Twenty-something Grad Student Offers Her Invaluable Wisdom Again

The most important moments of my life have been moments of stark perspective. I remember the time someone suggested that if I hated my job, I COULD quit and do something else. 441 more words

What was it like to be Doogie Howser?

Well – first, I was not a 16 year old doctor.  I was, however, an 11 year old taking a college class.  That’s about where the parallels stop :) 2,074 more words

Nerding Out

Backstory: Moving Home

Let’s talk about leaving France.

Before we get started on this week’s post, just a reminder that this is the third part in a three part series. 727 more words

Sorry ComixBawses! No post today, but good news - I'm officially a Barnes & Noble Barista and I've been accepted to two Masters Programs!

Greetings fellow ComixBawses!!

So, I’ve had the craziest week! I’ve been swamped at my new job! I’m officially done with my training and now I’m a full fledged barista! 310 more words