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This is 46.

This is 46

46 is when my youngest turns 18 and I realize I’ve done this Mom thing for 27 years (yeah, I know it’s not over, but it’s different). 182 more words

Giving presentations are always terrifying

“Angelo presents his work”

* sees invited guests and promptly hyperventilates*

It’s the home stretch of my stay here in FEM. Befitting of the occasion, I have been asked to give a sort of “Final Report” next week to the members of the Computational Biology Department and I have never been so nervous about a presentation in my entire life. 190 more words

Grad School

Rejected with Finesse - About Grad App Rejections

You know what’s funny?

Rejection letters from grad schools (especially creative writing departments) are much better written than the ones from undergrad.

Like… I received one the other day from a university in the #middleofnowhere and actually didn’t feel like complete shit after reading it. 333 more words


The Burrito Bandit: A Confession Story

Last month I told my first story at the Austin Public Library Adult Story Hour Series. The theme was hot mess. Out of the probably hundreds of stories to choose from, I decided to go with the Burrito Bandit: A Confession Story. 37 more words



This post provides all of the information that is currently available about where to formally study aesthetics and philosophy of art.

It also includes a request for help from those working on aesthetics and philosophy of art in universities in the English-speaking world. 620 more words

News & Announcements

Adventures in grad school + preparing for your thesis

How have I managed to make it this far and not go crazy?

Just kidding, I have.

I’ve somehow stumbled (sometimes run) my way to almost completing my masters at Baylor. 624 more words


What Hiking Taught Me About Writing the Dissertation

It’s March and it’s snowing on top of the springtime buds (because March) and I’m getting that familiar itch telling me that it’s time to go for another very long walk outside. 1,987 more words

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