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Be a Whole Human

Although it would be another few months before my friend provided that fateful metaphor, inklings of change arose for me just over a year ago during one of my first meetings with my PhD advisor. 472 more words

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Wellness Wednesday

I’ve been trying to make dissertation writing a habit, and it’s starting to stick, but I’m going on a mini vacation to visit a friend soon and I’m afraid it’ll throw off my groove when I come back. 212 more words

Mental Health

Reviewer #1

I’m around 3 years into my PhD at this point and so far, I have reviewed for a couple of journals as well as conferences. Mostly journals. 677 more words

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Before I begin my doctoral program in a month I have decided to purposefully stop working my 9-5 job to allow myself time to recenter my mind and prepare for my doctoral journey ahead. 176 more words

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The Story

“Life’s a river, not a lake” is the story of one woman’s journey of self-discovery and learning to go with the flow of life.

The name began when I was talking with a friend about being apprehensive to change directions in life. 228 more words

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Yummy Cupcakes

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What a mess! I woke up late today, and it totally threw off my whole morning. My sleep schedule is very off, and I need to get it back on track. 201 more words

Today's Musing

Get in Where You Fit in

We have this “fun” activity we’re supposed to do this week, wherein we use software to write poetry about our research paradigm. There is no part of that sentence that appeals to me, especially in combination. 132 more words