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Lets Talk About Law

So I want to talk about the Law.As someone who has been through the process of university and law school, I know how hard and confusing it can be. 526 more words


Why Being Single in Your 20s is Actually Great

I was going to title this “Why Being Single in Your 20s is Not the End of the Goddamn World,” but that perhaps seemed a little too dramatic and perhaps like I’m attacking everyone who wants to get married right out of college. 1,060 more words



Hey guys graduation vlog went up Monday but I forgot to share!(sorry). Here it is! enjoy and don’t forget to share, like, subscribe as well as well as comment I like to hear your thoughts.

Love Me X


Aww Yiss

My academic career is basically done. Unless I failed a module. Unlikely, but I wouldn’t be surprised cause I kinda went into idgaf mode during the last couple of weeks. 627 more words


#ThingsToDoBefore30: Travel Solo

A few months ago I was sitting in my GP surgery reading a magazine as I waited. You guessed it, in this magazine was an article on the things we should each do before we hit the big three-zero. 618 more words

3 am

It was the 28th of September 2016 and I was dead upon awakening.

I still recall the heaviness I felt in my eyes from exhaustion and I could sense the cold from the cocooned nest I had created. 991 more words