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notes from 0th week

I realised last term that my old blog system wasn’t suited to my needs any more. I’ve adapted the morning pages system to suit my needs, so below is an edited set of excerpts from my daily entries from the last week. 2,207 more words


A New Beginning

A-ha! I see you have come across this post! Struggling with finding a school in which you wish to attend? Yeah, been there, done that.  But let me just give you a quick tip. 267 more words


2017. I’m pretty sure this will be one of the most important years of my life. Mostly due to the fact that I will be graduating. 419 more words


A Deviant Conformist

Academic exams are akin filter membranes, the academic top scorers are likened the residues and the rest who may be top scorers in other areas in life resemble filtrates.  764 more words


But first, a little about myself

My wretched life has been full of unfairness. Or so I victimise. I am a 23 years old girl with long dry hair that ends like dill weeds, stands at around 5’5” and has a BMI of around 18. 353 more words


To do

It’s two weeks into 2017 and things are starting to come together. After a bumpy end to last year, I finally have full-time care sorted out (hurrah!) and some idea about where I am going with life. 962 more words