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Teenage Hopes & Adult Goals

“1234, tell me that you love more.”

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about high school and how different I was, just five years ago. When I look back at my 17-year old self, it’s interesting to think about my then-priorities and worries. 527 more words


FVRR Scholarship

“I think, therefore I am.” -Descartes 1,257 more words


A Few More Hours and Four Grades

Tomorrow is thee day.  Commencement Day.  Today, I will finish personalizing my attire for the occasion and taking some steps for beauty.  Well at least to look fairly decent as a woman.   114 more words


The dreaded question

It’s been 10 days since I handed in my final essays and whilst I am trying to enjoy the pure bliss of having no work to think about, I cannot count the amount of times I have been asked ‘So…what are you going to do now’. 346 more words


A quick note to say...


In the past 11 months or so since I graduated University, I have found that all my creative outputs have dried up. I don’t choreograph dances or teach any more, a passion of mine since I was three years old, and I don’t perform or compete any more either, I’m lucky if I can even find the time to attend classes to keep up my fitness and technique! 345 more words



Goodbye student life *waves whilst having a nervous breakdown*

Im currently living in limbo. I haven’t formally graduated university but I don’t have to be there anymore, I’m only part time employed but need a full time job. 206 more words


Return of the blog!

Well hello there my lovely readers! Been a long time since I’ve managed to get a spare moment to update you all, but now since finals have  256 more words

Nail Art