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After an anxious nights sleep I woke filled with nerves. Today I was graduating from the University of Cambridge. Weirdly, until this point, I hadn’t given much thought to the idea that graduation signified the end of my three years at Cambridge. 540 more words


The Why Behind My Blog

I realize I never posted a “My First Blog Post” or anything explaining my reasoning for creating The Subtle Art of Post Grad. Before continuing my normal posts I want to share the backstory on how I got here. 432 more words


Going to Uni; the unusual essential packing list!

Hi guys!
I have officially finished Uni now – 3 years of fun, laughter, tears (of joy and stress) and memory making. I learnt so much at Uni and it’s now my time to jump into the big wide world. 534 more words

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22...and it sucks.

Picture your twenties. You’ve just graduated and started a full-time job. You’re young. You’re fun. You have friends. You’re a couple stereotypes away from having your own sitcom. 307 more words


Behind Closed Doors ...

Behind. Closed. Doors. Nobody wants to admit to the dysfunction. Someone is hurting, someone is losing faith, someone is heartbroken, someone needs to be saved. What are you hiding behind closed doors; be honest just say it. 571 more words

11 things no one tells you about applying for grad jobs

1. You’ll spend hours crafting the perfect CV only to have to apply on the employer’s website.

“Please type out all of the information you’ve already given us on your CV in a strange format that means you can’t just repeat what you’ve already said” 339 more words

Is My B.S Literally BS?

As a recent graduate, an introverted one at that, I wasn’t expecting my dream job to fall from the sky and into my lap. However, I also didn’t expect it to be difficult. 286 more words