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Graduate students vote to unionize at Yale University

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (AP) — Graduate students from a half dozen departments at Yale University have voted to form unions.

Elections were administered Thursday by the National Labor Relations Board for graduate students in nine departments. 114 more words


What's a Graduate Level Job?

If you’ve been searching for jobs for after you graduate you might have noticed that spotting which are suitable for a graduate can be tricky. 311 more words


Leaving McGill

I grew up with the notion that it is with a university education that I can get anywhere in life and become debt-free. I left McGill University in December 2016 with a staggering amount of debt and no prepared career to look forward to. 402 more words


For The Ones Who Dream And Need To Pay The Rent

Highlighted in the latest cinematic obsession, La La Land presents the catch 22 for many who dream big. In a time where possibilities are endless and social media connects you to every corner of the globe, are we still ultimately bound to putting our dreams aside and graciously stepping onto the path of financial stability and social security? 462 more words


Remembering Hannah Cimon


Hannah Cimon never liked the weather in Laconia, New Hampshire, according to her father, Mike Cimon, but she loved the weather in Tampa. 1,004 more words

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"Life is a marathon, not a sprint".

Remember in high school when you were prepping for the college life? Applying for them, taking tours, or to even moving in your dorm freshman year? 159 more words

I was looking for a job, and then I found a job, and heaven knows I'm miserable now.

(This may make no sense – it was first written before Christmas, while doped up on cold and flu medication with a fever – but I still think it was a point worth making.) 910 more words