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Ini Klarifikasi Thalia "Tata" Soal Penyebab Dirinya Dikeluarkan dari JKT48

Tanda tanya penyebab dikeluarkannya Thalia dari idol grup JKT48 akhirnya terjawab. Melalui jejaring sosial Twitter, perempuan yang akrab disapa Tata itu mengklarifikasi isu yang menyebut dia dipecat karena pacaran. 178 more words


Here's What I Learned My First Week of School

Let me tell you something. In case you were unaware, grad school is WAAYYY different than undergrad. Undergrad is the 10k that you spend 3 weeks prepping for and end up walking about 1/3 of, but still feel mildly accomplished when you’re done. 238 more words


I am not a failure. I repeat, I am not a failure.

As I wrote this, my lower right eye twitched about ten times and my stomach growled reminding me to eat despite my lack of appetite. To put it simply, I am stressed. 1,498 more words


What's Next

The hardest question to me right now is “What’s next?” or “What’s your plan after college?” HAHAHA. I can’t even count how many people asked me that question. 176 more words


New Academic Year

Haven’t written for a couple of weeks because my parents came over to see me. It has been a great time. I also saw them growing older and older, and I realise that, it’s my time to take care of my family, and make the immigration plan work (Immigration to Europe). 165 more words

The struggles of your early 20's = what the f*** am I doing with my life?!?

Let ┬áme set the scene for you; I’m 23, been out of uni a year, working in retail, have a dance degree and want to work in fashion. 502 more words