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What I Learned Throughout 19 Years of School

I’m old. I mean, on May 12th I graduated college, which means I must be old, right? And being old in turn makes me wise. That’s just the way it is. 1,581 more words


Read This If You Feel Like You're Never Going To Graduate

I just want you to know, yes you, the one reading this with a million and one worries about life and where you will end up, that one day, you will finish school and get that degree you have been waiting for. 735 more words

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This Is What They Don't Tell You About College Graduation

First of all, they don’t tell you that you won’t remember the ceremony.

You won’t remember all the things the administration probably wants you to etch in your memory, like the name of the special guest speaker, or even the achingly slow trek across the stage to stiffly shake hands with the president and smile awkwardly at a flashing camera. 752 more words


College Was Like a Cup of Coffee

My first high school job was at KD College Prep. I sharpened pencils, cleaned whiteboards, and helped nerds get perfect SAT scores.

Before each shift, I bought a caramel iced coffee with extra cream and sugar from Dunkin’ Donuts. 520 more words

winding down

As my senior year comes to a close I want to take time to reminisce on some of the great memories that Seton Hall University has blessed me with.   234 more words


Read This When You're Feeling Stuck After College Graduation

It’s been four years since you left that place and four years since the beginning of the rest of your life. Gone are the days where school can be your safe-place, knowing that each day forward would be a scheduled repeat of the ones past. 1,387 more words

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Mission Accomplished | I Graduated from College!

Greetings Daizies,

Two weeks ago I finished my last final, walked out of school and became a free woman ready to enter the real world. My last blog post I wrote about my feelings regarding my upcoming departure of school and I thought I would miss it. 279 more words