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When at a Crossroad...

I wish I could go back. I want to go back to a time where everything was simple and uncomplicated. I want to be that little girl again. 689 more words


So, What Next?

So, I’m graduating college soon and of course I’m being bombardered with questions like “What are you gonna do?” “Are you moving back home?” “What do you want to do?”  215 more words

I Am Selfish

I am selfish. In most cases, I would take this as a complete and utter insult. However, the older I get, the more I realize that being selfish isn’t always a bad thing. 401 more words


A Graduates Life

A cycle emerges: eat, work, apply, sleep. This is the daily life that has ensued after graduating college. I rise to the challenge of serving people their sushi, beer, and uncommon requests — no matter how weird. 115 more words

Creative Writing

Mojave Desert

“Life is about the not knowing, the delicious and often terrifying ambiguity, having to change, accommodate…taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what is next.” 84 more words

Why is 'Adulthood' so scary?

I think before we jump into this journey we should do some clarifying as to why we find adulthood so terrifying. When I say ‘we’ I mean those of us who have just, or soon will be, graduating college, leaving the nest, or coming back from two years in the Peace Corps. 915 more words

Let's Talk

Entering Adulthood

I’m graduating this Saturday from college and already things are getting all too real.  Just today my dad had me sign for the title of my car that I bought from him when I was 16.   198 more words