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What Should I Do When I Grow Up: How to Answer This Question

Okay, okay, I’m turning twenty-one in two months. I’ve only got a year and a handful of weeks left of college. I’m there. I’m at that stage, straddling the line of “my parents support me” to “I’m my own person here to take the world” and it’s… 302 more words


Headphones in, résumé out: Music to cope with graduating from college

I relied on music a lot when I was in middle school. They were dark times, when no one really understood the depths of my aching, pubescent soul — because no one else went through puberty before me. 406 more words

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Just a Shade Over a Decade

Lots of things can happen in 10 years, buying a house, marriage, kids, and new jobs, are just a few common cookie cutter expectations. 526 more words

When at a Crossroad...

I wish I could go back. I want to go back to a time where everything was simple and uncomplicated. I want to be that little girl again. 689 more words


So, What Next?

So, I’m graduating college soon and of course I’m being bombardered with questions like “What are you gonna do?” “Are you moving back home?” “What do you want to do?”  215 more words

I Am Selfish

I am selfish. In most cases, I would take this as a complete and utter insult. However, the older I get, the more I realize that being selfish isn’t always a bad thing. 401 more words


A Graduates Life

A cycle emerges: eat, work, apply, sleep. This is the daily life that has ensued after graduating college. I rise to the challenge of serving people their sushi, beer, and uncommon requests — no matter how weird. 115 more words

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