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If You're Freaking Out About Graduating College, This Is What You Need To Remember

First of all, take a deep breath.
Second of all, know this: you will be fine.

This is the moment you’ve probably been waiting for/simultaneously dreading since you very first freshman lecture, am I right? 521 more words

For Those Apprehensive About Graduating College

Kevin Richter | April 17, 2016

Thus far in my life, I have had a fair number of valued memories that stand out and will probably continue to stand out as I draw breath. 1,634 more words

Personal Thoughts

"Manic" Mode

I have successfully flown under the radar and have not been diagnosed with a hyper active disorder I probably have. Since I was a young kid my mom referred to my obsessive personality as my “manic” modes. 309 more words


They Hired Me to Drive the Struggle Bus!

Dear James,

If I had to write a headline about how I’ve been feeling since Monday, it would read: Local 20-Something Has Uncontrollable and Ever-Changing Mental State. 553 more words

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Calling All Millennials: Still Struggling With What To Do After College?

Graduating college is a very thrilling yet overwhelming experience. I myself just graduated last spring, and the reality is still slowly sinking in. If you are a millennial reading this, you can probably relate. 415 more words


This Is The Naked Truth About Being A College Grad Today

Graduate college, they said, It’ll be fun, they said.

They also said that you’d walk across that stage and opportunities would start knocking and kicking and scratching at your door. 808 more words

17 Very Real Struggles Every Second Semester Senior In College Is Experiencing Right Now

1. You have a deep, looming fear that on graduation day, you’ll be told you can’t walk, because you blatantly don’t have enough credits to warrant a diploma. 516 more words