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This Is The Naked Truth About Being A College Grad Today

Graduate college, they said, It’ll be fun, they said.

They also said that you’d walk across that stage and opportunities would start knocking and kicking and scratching at your door. 808 more words

17 Very Real Struggles Every Second Semester Senior In College Is Experiencing Right Now

1. You have a deep, looming fear that on graduation day, you’ll be told you can’t walk, because you blatantly don’t have enough credits to warrant a diploma. 516 more words

The End/The Beginning

School is done. It’s a good thing, too. I was feeling so burnt out. It feels as though every single bit of enjoyment I used to get from learning has been beaten out of me. 153 more words

Graduating College

Graduating College

Thankfully, in a few hours, I will be done with college! I will be taking my last final at 8 am. Pass or fail, I will be done. 103 more words

Getting Started - School/Work

In two short weeks, I will have my college degree in Business/Entrepreneurship. Though I have enjoyed my time in college (for the most part), I definitely feel ready to get into the next chapter. 244 more words

Graduating College

22: A Year in Review

You have no idea how happy I am that this title rhymed. Seriously.  Rhymes and puns are too  much fun! Okay, that didn’t work. Don’t force it. 638 more words

Let's Talk

Life After College

My first first really real post about me and how I feel and felt about this huge life event of Graduating College!

So college for some the best four years of your life and for others it can last longer maybe five or six depending on if your trying to figure out what you want to do with your life or if your continuing on to a masters or doctorates degree. 375 more words