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Confessions of a Recent College Grad

There are some moments in life you look forward to, work so hard to get to and then when they finally arrive you wonder if the journey to the destination was better than the view from the top. 680 more words

The Topics are Changing

I am barely 22 years, but for some reason, I feel old(er). The fact that I just graduated from college hasn’t really hit me yet. It feels more like a rite of passage.  298 more words

How To Cope With The Transition From College To The Working World

By Thomas Maurer

Coping With Uncertainty

For some graduating students there is a rush to get out of the confines of academia and into the working world. 1,134 more words


go meet the other 7 billion

I keep feeling nervous that I’m moving to a new place by myself where I really don’t have that many people.. if any.. that I can just call up to go to lunch or out for a run. 496 more words

Graduating College

The rest is still unwritten...

Hello everyone or nobody! Today I decided to start a blog. Why you ask? Sure, I’ll explain. I basically am nobody of importance and most likely have nothing important to say that will interest anyone; however, my reasons are as follows. 503 more words

Graduating College

You've graduated college! Now what? Ten tips...

By Caitlin Kelly

First — congratulations!

Maybe you’re one of those whose cap read Game of Loans.

Maybe you had a full ride and are graduating debt-free. 946 more words


College: I Wouldn’t Change It For The World

By Britany Post

Every student experiences college differently. I have come to find that my college experience has changed me for the better. Community colleges have always been placed second best to universities and have even been referred to as “grade 13.” Even though there is this sort of stigma around community colleges, I started out at one and have never once regretted my decision. 1,043 more words