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"Go there."

“Go there.”

That’s what my creative writing professor said to me in April. Actually, he really said something like, “I can’t wait until you go there, but you have time,” but, “go there” is shorter and more mysterious. 493 more words

Will You Stick to Your Degree Plan?

By Allison Johnson
Blog Content Contributor 

Something to consider before starting school this August is to meet with an academic advisor. I know some of you might think you are a junior, but there is a possibility you are still considered a sophomore. 317 more words

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The Honest Truth About Post Grad Life

If you’ve graduated college, than you understand that post grad life is one big clusterfuck. The emotions you feel are like riding a giant roller coaster; one moment you’re loving the high, and the next you feel like you’re going to puke. 573 more words

This Is The Truth About Graduating College

In my lonely nostalgic hours, I can still hear my name being announced on stage during college graduation. Right then and there, I was sure of the bright path I am heading. 720 more words

We Move Ever Forward: The True Fate of Friendship

“Friendships come and go; you’ll make new friends.” Is one of the most unhelpful pieces of true advice I have ever received.

I’ve heard this saying plenty of times, whether it be when I moved, when I switched soccer teams, when my friend group abruptly dissolved one summer, and more recently, when I was graduating college. 558 more words


Change: part 1

An Open Letter to the Places I’m Leaving Behind

May 16, 2017

This week feels like a line in a song. I’m saying my goodbyes as doors that have remained open suddenly close. 3,454 more words


For Those Of Us Heading To Graduation

We walk through the halls thinking how this very moment is one of the final instances we tread to class, while dissecting pieces of memories we created in the last four or five years. 1,110 more words