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Getting Started - School/Work

In two short weeks, I will have my college degree in Business/Entrepreneurship. Though I have enjoyed my time in college (for the most part), I definitely feel ready to get into the next chapter. 244 more words


Twenty-Two is YOUNG

Graduating college brings about many different things. Cards in the mail, sometimes with a check filled out in cursive. A tangible degree that might, maybe, possibly give a chance at a real career or higher paying job. 585 more words


22: A Year in Review

You have no idea how happy I am that this title rhymed. Seriously.  Rhymes and puns are too  much fun! Okay, that didn’t work. Don’t force it. 638 more words

Let's Talk

Life After College

My first first really real post about me and how I feel and felt about this huge life event of Graduating College!

So college for some the best four years of your life and for others it can last longer maybe five or six depending on if your trying to figure out what you want to do with your life or if your continuing on to a masters or doctorates degree. 375 more words

Confessions of a Recent College Grad

There are some moments in life you look forward to, work so hard to get to and then when they finally arrive you wonder if the journey to the destination was better than the view from the top. 680 more words

The Topics are Changing

I am barely 22 years, but for some reason, I feel old(er). The fact that I just graduated from college hasn’t really hit me yet. It feels more like a rite of passage.  298 more words

Quick Update

Hey guys! So lots of things have happened since my last post.

1) I graduated! Last month I officially became a college graduate and received my bachelor of science degree in chemistry from Lincoln Memorial University. 334 more words

Pharmacy School